ECO 3 Funding

With the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), you could be eligible for support from an energy supplier to upgrade your heating system or to insulate your home.

This scheme was launched in early 2013 and is in currently available with a scheme extension, ECO3 which is now live and available for customers in receipt of a qualifying benefit which are detailed within this section of the website.

The key change in ECO3 is that the scheme will help only those meeting the set criteria who will be now eligible for heating and insulation improvements in their home.

With our funding from the utility companies we can help low income and vulnerable households in private rented or owner occupied properties across the UK.

With UK Energy Management (NE) you are in safe hands and we will help to manage your journey from start to finish, maximising your funding opportunities and improving your home energy efficiency.

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Heating Upgrades

Replacement Gas & LPG Boilers and Electric Heating

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We are certified insulation installers.

UK Energy Management (NE) are specialists in home insulation, providing comprehensive assessments to ensure your property is as efficient as possible and heat loss is minimised.

With various measures certified we can identify the best possible solutions to conserve energy and reduce heating bills for householders nationwide.

By reducing the amount of heat that escapes from your home the requirement for increased heating use is reduced and you can save whilst living comfortably.

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