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Intelligent thermostatic radiator valves from Secure
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The smart heating control that’s proven to save money on your heating bills by only heating each room as and when you need it. Radbot’s smart heating AI monitors occupancy and intelligently heats a room, so it’s warm when you’re there, but lowers the temperature when you’ve left.

Cleverer than your average radiator valve

Radbot learns when you use a room and how long it takes to heat up, making sure it’s always warm when you arrive. If your occupancy patterns change, don’t worry, radbot will detect this and automatically update the heating schedule to match. No need for Wi-Fi connections or yet another app. Every radbot is smart right out of the box, taking care of the hard work for you.

The new intelligent thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) from Secure detects when a room is unoccupied and automatically reduces the heating to save energy. 

Radbot 1 uses an innovative self-learning algorithm to continually monitor and predict the occupancy pattern of a room ensuring it’s nice and warm when in use but not wasting energy heating an empty room.
Technical specifications

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How to use Radbot

Set radbot by adjusting the comfort dial. For rooms you use regularly, we recommend starting on dial position 4 and see how you get on. In this position, the room temperature is set to 21°C whilst it is occupied but reduces by 1-2 degrees when no one is present. After a few days radbot will have started to learn the pattern of how you use a room and begin pre-heating so it’s warm when you next arrive.

Helping you to save

Proven to save energy, radbot could reduce your heating bills by up to 30%, saving around £350.

Simple operation

Simply set and forget, radbot will take care of your heating needs.

Simple set up

Works straight out of the box, no need for Wi-Fi connections or apps.

Intelligent occupancy prediction

Reduces the temperature when a room is empty, helping you save money and energy!

Room-by-room control

Optimises the time and temperature control of each room, heating as you need it.


No more days and nights spent battling the cold. Keep your home nice and cosy whilst reducing your energy usage and bills.

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How does radbot know a room is occupied?

Radbot knows when a room is being used by sensing changes in light and humidity. For example, turning on lights or opening curtains will signal a room is occupied. Radbot also monitors the humidity trace given off by people in a room to help it determine occupancy.

Adjustable to your needs

If the room temperature is not to your liking, just adjust the setting up or down depending on how warm you like it. Comfort dial settings of 3 and below trigger a more active energy saving schedule, so use this in rooms you don’t use as often or where you don’t mind it being a bit cooler on some occasions.

How does Radbot save money and energy?

By reducing the temperature in rooms not being used, radbot saves energy without sacrificing comfort. Every 1°C reduction in your home’s temperature can save as much as 10% on your heating bills!

How does occupancy prediction work?

Light, humidity, and temperature sensors will alert radbot that the room is occupied and the valves will be adjusted to the right temperature accordingly (set on dial).

Don’t waste energy heating empty rooms -

Save money and fit radbot 1 today.
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