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What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

An insurance-backed guarantee will be able to provide you with valuable protection in the event we cannot honour our written agreement. It underwrites our workmanship guarantee and provides you with cover for the defined period.

Qualitymark Protection insurance-backed guarantees are only made available to accredited installers and are purchased by UK Energy Management on your behalf.

What does it take to become an Accredited Installer?

Accredited installers, such as UK Energy Management, have demonstrated their professional competency before operating as a credible installer, as well as having a solvent business and appropriate certification to use any equipment or install relevant products

UK Energy Management works closely within the Qualitymark Protection Terms of Business Agreement and Quality Assurance Frameworks to guarantee you a premium service.


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Why should I select an installer who offers insurance-backed guarantees?

Subject to the terms and conditions of the insurance-backed guarantee, you are provided with additional peace of mind, using an installer that is looking after your interests and confidence that you are protected should something unexpected happen.

Want to learn more about Qualitymark Protection?

Find out more information about Qualitymark Protection and their insurance - backed guarantees on their website, or call them directly on 0345 340 0524. Alternatively, contact one of our friendly team members today - we would be happy to answer your questions regarding funding eligibility, sustainable energy solutions, and much more.

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