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Why is ventilation so important?

Improving the energy efficiency of a home is a great way to save money, with great features available such as double-glazing, draught-stripped windows/doors and insulation. However, while they are beneficial, they can also reduce the air permeability and ventilation in a house. This is not recommended, as stale air can contain a lot of pollutants such as carbon dioxide.

A home should be filled with fresh air, and in most UK dwellings this is improved with the inclusion of extract ventilation fans in typically wet spaces, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Improving the air-tightness of a space can improve your energy efficiency, but lead you lacking in terms of ventilation, which can lead to serious health problems. When installing any insulation measure, the adequacy of the existing ventilation should be assessed and improved if needed.

Do I have adequate ventilation?

For the purposes of claiming funding for any insulation, a complete ventilation system shall have one of the following:

  • an intermittent extract ventilation (IEV) system consisting of correctly sized extract fans in all “wet” rooms and correctly sized background ventilators (to admit “fresh” external air) in all living spaces and bedrooms;
  • a passive stack ventilation (PSV) system consisting of passive stack ventilators serving all “wet” rooms, and correctly sized background ventilators (to admit “fresh” external air) in all living spaces and bedrooms;
  • a continuous positive input ventilation (PIV) system that supplies “fresh” air, combined with correctly sized background ventilators (to allow moist `stale’ air to escape) in all living space and bedrooms;
  • a continuous mechanical extract ventilation (MEV) system that extracts moist, “stale” air from all “wet” rooms combined with correctly sized background ventilators (to admit “fresh” external air) in all living spaces and bedrooms;
  • a whole-house supply and extract MVHR system that extracts moist “stale” air from all wet rooms, supplies “fresh” eternal air to all living spaces and bedrooms, and has been properly commissioned and balanced.

If you already have one of the above and it is deemed adequate at survey then no additional ventilation work will be required.

However, if you don’t or the existing ventilation arrangement is deemed inadequate, we will have to fit additional ventilation solutions in your property in addition to the insulation work.

In living areas not deemed “wet rooms” we will fit air-box vents to openable windows which take around 5 mins per vent to install, don’t require any drilling and are fitted from inside. No mess, no damage and totally controllable airflow in and out.

In “wet rooms” we will fit extractor fans of adequate size and design to pull “stale” moist inside air out of your property.

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Air-Box® air valves

Why fit them?

Condensation on windows is the first sign of deterioration of the home microclimate; increased humidity contributes to the spread of fungi, bacteria and mould. The cause is generally poor ventilation.

Mould and fungi are dangerous to health. Fungal spores lead to the occurrence of allergic cough, bronchitis, headache, nausea and other unpleasant sensations.

With ventilation, there is always associated heat loss. Through open windows, heat loss occurs tens of times faster than with the Air-Box system®.

The Air-Box system® ensures air exchange in accordance with the standard LBN 231-15 “Heating and ventilation of residential and public buildings”. The system is really useful as its fast to fit without any need to cut the window profile.

The Air-Box system® includes

  • noise protection
  • cleaning of incoming air from pollen, dust, spores and soot.
    • Fresh air gets into the channel between the frame and sash in places where standard sealing rubbers are replaced with special ones.
    • Airflow is controlled with the adjuster handle, which ensures a smooth and even adjustment of the air supply.

Fresh air reduces the occurrence of allergic reactions and other diseases. From a medical point of view, the Air-Box system® is ideal for young children, the elderly and people with allergies and asthma.

The system also reduces heat loss and makes a significant contribution to saving money on your heating bills.

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