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Who we are and how can we help?

Perhaps you’ve got a few questions about who we are and what it is we do. If that’s you, let’s get a few of those questions cleared up! At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd we are on hand to answer any queries you might have relating to our services so you can make an informed decision about whether you’d like to use us.

With that in mind, here are some frequently asked questions but if you require a little more information before filling in a form, just give us a call today. ​It's also worth noting that completing a form is free and there is absolutely no obligation. If we come back to confirm that you are eligible to qualify, you aren’t obliged to proceed any further - there’s nothing to lose!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legit? How can it be free?

It is free because of a government energy efficiency scheme, designed to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions across Great Britain. Under the ECO4 scheme, medium and large energy suppliers have targets to meet (ECO stands for “Energy Company Obligation”) and they fund the installation of energy efficient systems in British households.

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Who are UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd?

We work with energy companies in Great Britain to find people like you who are eligible for energy efficient upgrades. We take your details and check your eligibility to this government backed scheme. There is no cost to you for using our services and it’s free to find out if you qualify or not.

Once you complete the eligibility form, a member of our team will contact you to discuss what options may be available and the next steps to becoming more energy efficient.

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Do I have a qualifying household?

To qualify for the measures offered in the government’s ECO4 scheme you must be living in private accommodation that is for domestic use. This includes home owners and private landlord tenants. Unfortunately, these grants are not available if you live in Council or Housing Association accommodation.

What benefits qualify for a grant?

To qualify for funding, someone living in the property needs to receive at least one of the benefits listed below:

  • Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)
  • Income related Employment & Support Allowance
  • (ESA) Income Support (IS)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
  • Working Tax Credit (WTC)
  • Child Tax Credits (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing Benefit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)
  • Pension Credit Savings Credit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)
  • Child Benefit (subject to household income. More information can be found here)
Why do you need my personal information?

We need to validate your eligibility to the scheme by contacting the DWP (Department for Work & Pensions) or speak to your local council in the event you don’t automatically qualify (see flexible eligibility).

Do I get a warranty for work carried out?

Yes. All of the work we carry out comes with either a warranty or guarantee. Find out more here.

What areas do you cover?

We have a national installation team and multiple branches that cover the whole of Great Britain.

What are heating grants?

Grants mean you do not have to pay for the heating or energy efficiency measures installed. There is nothing to pay either upfront or subsequently because it is done through a grant, not a loan.

These are part of the government energy efficiency scheme, designed to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions across Great Britain. Under the ECO3 and ECO4 schemes, medium and large energy suppliers have targets to meet (ECO stands for “Energy Company Obligation”), and they fund the installation of energy-efficient systems in British households.

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What if I don’t Qualify?

Even if you do not qualify we may be able to contact your local authority to see if an exception can be made by means of what is known as “LA Flex” (Local Authority Flexible Eligibility).

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How can I save money on heating?

From simple measures like turning down your thermostat, to applying for heating funding, we look at four ways to save money on your heating bills.

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What types of insulation do you offer?

At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd we offer insulation for

  • Solid Walls

  • Cavity Walls

  • Loft (both converted and unconverted)

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Why should I insulate my loft?

Around ¼ of lost heat in a property is through the roof, but just 10cm of loft insulation can reduce heat loss by up to 75%! There are more benefits that this however.

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How do I know my heating needs upgrading?

There are several tell-tale signs to be on the look out for before your heating system breaks down and leaves you in trouble.

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Why is ventilation so important?

It can seem a bit strange talking about ventilation when looking to keep your home warm. However adequate ventilation is essential to improving energy efficiency as well as preventing condensation and mould growth.

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What are window inflow valves for?

When installing an airtight PVC window, the exchange of natural, projected, air is disturbed, thereby causing many problems. The comfort of life deteriorates: humidity increases, air quality deteriorates, the likelihood of a threat of fungal infections arises. Window inflow valves allow to ensure normative air supply to the window when closed, including maintaining all the advantages of PVC airtight windows.

Why not just open the window?

When performing such airing, the window is opened throughout its perimeter, thereby creating draughts, sharp temperature drops, an increase in noise levels. Supply ventilation valve, performs protection against noise, ensuring the influx of air into the ceiling area, thereby preventing draught and temperature drops from occurring.

Why do I need a window ventilation valve in summer?

Leaving the house and leaving the window open, the level of safety of the dwelling decreases, the penetration of dust occurs, moisture enters the rain, as well as various insects fly in. In the case of closed windows, without the use of a ventilation valve, fumes of harmful substances from varnished, painted and synthetic surfaces occur in the room, especially after repairs.

Is it possible to do without a window ventilation valve?

EU legislation recommends ventilated rooms up to 4 times a day, which is impossible or very cumbersome. The presence of a window ventilation valve allows you to stop this forced airing in most cases, especially during winter.

Can the window inflow valve freeze during the winter?

If the fume tube functions normally – then not, because the removal of wet air is continuous. The humidity level indoors is reduced. Thus, there is no reason for the formation of condensate and icing of the window valve. It is not recommended to close the valve completely, as this will interfere with air exchange in the room, causing a rise in relative humidity, condensation and ice of the device during the winter period.

What Covid guidelines are you following?

Guidance continues to change as we go through this pandemic but rest assured, we take your safety and that of our employees as seriously as you do. We follow all the relevant guidance as it is released.

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