How To Keep Your House Warm When It’s Below Freezing

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We’re at that time of year when the temperature will potentially drop below freezing. Nobody likes to wake up, check the weather forecast and see a little minus symbol by the temperature, but in most climates, this is a common occurrence in the middle of winter. Energy bills are on the rise, so people are resistant to putting the heating on full blast and warming up the house like this.

But there are plenty of other tips that can help you to keep your house a bit warmer this winter. Read on to find out some.

Smart heating controls

Close All Doors & Windows

While it can seem a bit of an obvious tip, one of the easiest ways to keep your house warm when the temperature drops are to keep all of your windows and doors closed. If your windows are open, the cold air will surge into your home and any warm air you have will be instantly sucked out. Doors allow you to keep heat trapped in a small space instead of filtering all around the house. So if you have the heating on, try to close all of your doors and enjoy the warm air in an enclosed space.

Smart Heating Controls

One way to easily keep your temperature under control is by utilising smart heating controls. These can provide accurate information in regards to the temperature outside and inside the house, helping you know when the right time to turn the heating on is. Smart heating controls can learn from your habits to provide you with the temperatures you want without even asking.

They can even learn your schedule, heating up the house just before you get home and knowing when to turn the heating off when you leave the house. They even let you control your home from an app, so you can do all this yourself from wherever you are.

Try to time your heating for times that suit you. You might want it on for half an hour before you wake up to provide you a bit of heat in the morning, and then for it to come on just before you get home. This will also allow your house to gradually heat up, instead of turning the temperature higher to try and heat up the space a lot faster. And remember, even when the heating is turned off, the residual heat will still remain for a fair bit of time, so you don’t need your heating on constantly.

Boiler Maintenance Or New Boiler?

Over time boilers get less energy efficient. This means they’ll have to work harder to keep your home warm and your water hot. While this could be fine in the summer, in the winter you want heat as quickly as possible, and do not want to waste money waiting for your boiler to heat up for ages before you get there.

The first option in this instance is boiler servicing and maintenance. Making sure your boiler is serviced regularly will ensure it is running properly and to the best of its abilities. Annual servicing will improve the efficiency of your boiler which will reduce fuel consumption and overall keep energy costs low. It will also mean your home can be heated faster, essential when the temperature drops below freezing.

The other option is to replace your boiler entirely. Even with regular maintenance boilers will lose efficiency, so replacing yours will help your house to be more energy efficient. Many people have not replaced their boilers since they moved into their current homes, and this could mean the boiler is potentially many years old.

Strides in energy efficiency are made every year, so the models available today are going to be much better than whatever old model is in your home. Replacing your boiler will reduce your energy bill, promote energy efficiency and most importantly keep you warm. It can seem like a big upfront cost to replace your boiler, but the benefits are substantial.

Curtain Control & Draught Proofing

One way to keep your home warm this winter is to rely on your curtains. Sound crazy? But it is actually proven to help. Letting the sunlight in during the day allows natural heat to fill the room, so you should make the most of it while you can. Then when the sun sets you should close the curtains to keep any heat you’ve built up from escaping. The best curtains you want in winter are heavyweight or even thermal lined.

You can also keep the heat in by draft-proofing your window. This simple DIY just involves applying self-adhesive foam tape to a window frame. Draughts normally occur in small cracks between the walls and window frames, so taping these up will help keep the air in your home as warm as possible.

Glazed Windows

If you only have single glazed windows, you’ll probably notice how cold it can get in the winter. This is because there is only one layer of protection between you and the outside, so cold air can easily invade your home. If you have the money, invest in double or even triple glazed windows for your home, as they can make a big difference in terms of the temperature inside.

Bleed Your Radiators

Keep your home warm this winter by making sure that all of your radiators are performing at their full potential. You can do this by bleeding them, which will make sure no air is trapped inside. It’s a simple task that you can probably do yourself, but if you’re not sure you can always hire a professional to help you do it.

Another tip for radiators is to install a floating shelf above it. This shelf will help to control the flow of heat, pushing it around a room instead of simply rising to the ceiling. And then you also have a lovely new storage space to utilise.

You should also check the valves on your radiator, commonly fitted with numbers on them. This controls the hot water flowing into your radiator. If they are at 2 or below it might be quite hard to heat your home, so consider raising them a bit more, especially on radiators that are downstairs so the heat can rise and heat the whole house.


Many homes lose nearly 40% of heat through cavity walls, so it is essential that proper insulation is installed or repaired during winter to help you retain that lost heat and help to reduce your bills in the process. Many modern homes are built with cavity walls, so having insulation installed in these is quick and easy, ensuring warmth and comfort throughout the winter. As well as in your walls, you can get insulation installed underfloor, which is especially helpful in rooms that you may not have carpet, as draughts can easily come in through wood flooring

If your loft isn’t insulated, this is another winter warmth essential you should look into. Heat rises, so if your loft is not properly insulated all of this heat will simply escape through your roof and you won’t get any of the benefits of it. Loft insulation is easy to install and can last for decades, so is a great benefit to have. As well as insulating the loft, install draught strips along the frame of your loft hatch to keep it as insulated as possible


Many people try to shy away from using other sources of light to help save on bills and resort to candles instead. As well as saving on electricity, candles have the added benefit of heating your home up! They are open flames, so even if they are small, they are adding a bit of heat and ambience to your room. Just make sure you are constantly monitoring your candles, as open flames should not be left to burn by themselves while you’re in another room.

Heating Upgrades From UK Energy Management

If you want to make your home more energy efficient this winter but are not sure if you can afford it, get in touch with UK Energy Management today. Under the official ECO4 Government scheme, you can get free home energy improvements if you qualify. This could get you free insulation, free heating upgrades or free smart controls, all of which will help to keep your home warm this winter by making it more energy efficient.

You can apply in only a minute with our simple application form, and this could result in you saving hundreds of pounds on your bills. We do everything for you, letting you know if you’re eligible and then arranging a survey and installation at a time that will suit you. All our energy-saving measures are fitted by certified and accredited installers, so you know the upgrades you are getting are built to last.

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