How Modern Innovations Can Reduce Your Bills

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Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Given the current state of the world, saving money wherever possible is essential. People try to reduce the amount they spend on their food shop or take to reselling items online as an effort to get back some cash.

One way you can save a ton of money is by using modern innovations to help reduce your bills. Here are a few ways they can reduce your bills and how UK Energy Management can help.

Air source heating

Solar Panels

Solar energy has seen an increase in popularity in recent years for those who are trying to reduce their bills. Solar energy is renewable and will not cost as much as power from the grid. Installing a solar battery storage device will also allow a person to utilise solar energy 24/7.

As of April 2022, solar panels are an additional measure available through the ECO4 scheme, so UK Energy Management may be able to assist you.

Smart Controls

One of the most innovative ways to help you save money on bills that have been released in recent years is smart controls. Using smart controls has a range of benefits, such as being able to track what time you’re using the most energy, turning off/on heating remotely and optimising your usage.

UK Energy Management works with Drayton, whose smart controls can help you save hundreds on your energy bills. With them, you can control your heating, set individual temperatures for each room and schedule your heating to only come on when you need it.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Innovative air source heat pumps work by moving the heat energy from outside into your house. They are a great way to warm up your house and typically cost less to operate than a conventional heating system. They are also easy to maintain and are operated very simply with modern controls.

The science is fairly simple. Outside air is drawn in through a network of tubes which extract the heat energy from the air. It then goes through a compressor that changes the cold gas to a hot liquid through pressure.

UK Energy Management covers air-source heat pumps, so check your eligibility today!

Heating Upgrades & More From UK Energy Management

UK Energy Management is able to offer a ton of great heating upgrades to your home that will make it more energy efficient and save you money on your bills. And the best part is, if you’re eligible these upgrades are completely free.

The ECO4 scheme is a government-backed scheme that aims to help low-income households residing in non-efficient households get access to vital upgrades they need to save money and live comfortably. The scheme takes properties that fall into the efficiency bands of E, F and G.

You can work with UK Energy Management to get a whole range of upgrades, from smart controls and solar panels to electric storage heaters and insulation.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, get in touch with us today!

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