How Smart Controls Have Transformed Energy Management

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As we’re all looking to save money on our energy bills at the moment, utilising new technology is a great way to adapt. Traditional heating systems can be inefficient because they operate on inflexible timers and heat up every room to the same temperature. This results in excess energy usage and leaves you with an imperfectly heated home.

In contrast, smart thermostats or controls allow you to manage your heating with precision and accuracy. These systems use a WiFi connection to allow you to monitor and adjust your heating from a smartphone app, which facilitates precision energy usage.

Read on to find out more about how smart controls have positively impacted everyday energy management.

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Manage Costs

Smart controls are designed to save you money on your energy bills by allowing for accurate management of your heating and cooling systems. With smart controls, you can adjust heating levels in every room to your exact requirements, monitor your energy usage and alter your heating remotely, all of which will help to streamline your energy consumption, saving you money over time.

Control From Anywhere

Everyday heating methods have been transformed by smart controls, as they allow users to adjust their energy usage from anywhere. The smart thermostat can be operated through a smartphone app, meaning your heating levels can be monitored and changed wherever you have an internet connection. This allows you to turn off your heating while on the go, or warm your house for when you get in.

Environmental Benefits

These useful features of smart controls all contribute to increasingly environmentally friendly energy usage. If your heating is on all the time, or is operating at a high level when you don’t need it, then you’re using up excess energy resources. This inflates your carbon footprint as well as increasing your energy costs.

Simple Set-Up

Unlike other upgrades and changes you can make to your heating systems, installing smart controls is very straightforward. You will simply need to replace your old heating control panel with a new smart hub, which can then be connected to your phone app for on the go adjustments. This is a less disruptive way of managing your energy costs compared to installing insulation or new window glazing, where these controls make for a small but impactful addition to your home.

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