Low Cost Warmth: The Benefits Of Electric Storage Heaters

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In today’s world of rising energy costs, everybody is feeling the pinch. It is therefore more important than ever to think about where your household heating is coming from, and how you can run your home cost effectively. One alternative to traditional central heating is the electric storage heater, which can bring a whole range of environmental and financial benefits to your home.

An electric storage heater stores heat during off-peak times when electricity is cheaper. This heat is then released throughout the day at no extra cost. Convection currents spread heat throughout your room, where the heater will also pull in cooler air to be warmed.

This innovative solution could be the way forward for your household. Read on to learn more about the key benefits of an electric storage heater.

Electric storage heater

Better Than Gas

This kind of storage heater runs on electricity rather than gas, which is both a cheaper and safer energy source. Gas heaters can release harmful by-products into your home such as carbon monoxide, which can lead to serious health problems if undetected. Electric heaters are also better for the environment than gas alternatives, where they produce much lower quantities of harmful emissions.

Off-Peak Storage

The main advantage of an electric storage heater is that they are cheap to run compared to other energy options, because they make the most of off-peak prices. This approach to home heat also means that electricity isn’t wasted when you don’t need it, making for an efficient heating alternative.

Smart Controls

Modern electric storage heaters now come complete with state of the art smart technology, which helps to provide even greater heating efficiency. Smart controls can automatically adjust heating levels to the climate of your home, where they can even detect when a window is open, and reduce heat output accordingly. These controls can allow you to control your heating on-the-go from your smartphone, allowing you to turn your heating up or down whilst you’re away from home.

UKEM Storage Heaters: Further Benefits

Electric storage heaters from UK Energy Management represent further benefits for your home, where our heating systems are of a high quality, and are designed to last longer than other models with minimal maintenance. They also come with free installation if you are eligible for our flexible funding scheme.

ECO4 Funding: Keeping You Warm For Less

At UKEM, we are committed to delivering government-backed ECO4 funding to households nationwide who qualify for free home heating upgrades. This could mean full funding provisions for a replacement boiler, air source heat pumps or solar energy. In addition to home heating, we also provide for loft insulation, smart control upgrades and ventilation equipment. Contact us directly to find out more, or complete our online eligibility form today.

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