Time For A Change: 5 Signs You Need New Loft Insulation

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As energy prices soar, it’s the little things that matter when it comes to heating your home efficiently. This means closing the windows and doors when the heating’s on, or thinking about supplementing your mains electricity with solar.

Another great way to make your heating go further is to invest in insulation. Loft insulation in particular is designed to trap hot air in its material, which prevents it from escaping through the roof. This keeps heat in your home for longer, whilst also keeping your rooms warm if you have a loft conversion.

But insulation doesn’t last forever. Even if you’ve bought your home with insulation included in your loft space, it might be in need of a refresh so it can be working at its best. High quality insulation should last for decades, but it’s time may already be up if your property isn’t brand new. Read on for a look at the top signs that your loft insulation needs replacing.

Cross section of loft insulation

Fire & Water Damage

If your home has experienced a fire or a leak in the roof, then this could put your insulation in jeopardy. Fire and water will compromise the integrity of the insulation material, meaning it won’t work efficiently, and therefore should be replaced.

Hazardous Materials

If you’re buying an old property, a surveyor will check if your insulation contains hazardous materials such as asbestos. When these materials are found, it is your legal obligation to arrange a professional removal and disposal, where modern insulation can then be installed.

Musty Smell

If you notice a persistent damp or musty smell throughout your home, then the cause may be your insulation. Old materials will begin to decay or go mouldy, in which case they should be replaced.


An invasion of wildlife into your loft space will also damage the integrity of your insulation. Birds, insects or rodents can nest in insulation material, where detritus from these animals can cause further damage. Once the animals have been safely removed, it will be time to replace the insulation.

Energy Bills Rising

A clear sign that your insulation isn’t working properly is if you are experiencing unexplained energy bill increases. Having proper loft or wall insulation will help your home to retain heat, where an absence of this key function is a sign that your materials need replacing.

UK Energy Management: Helping To Keep Homes Warm

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