The Benefits of Smart Meters

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Updated: Mar 23, 2022

A smart meter is essentially just an electricity and/or gas meter which can automatically send readings to your supplier every half an hour. You can also get an In-Home Display device, which communicates with your smart meter to show exactly how much energy you’re using and what it’s costing you.

Smart meters have become increasingly popular in recent years and offer a range of advantages for both consumers and the planet. Find out more about the benefits that installing a smart meter can offer you with this helpful blog from UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd.

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Allows you to monitor usage and spending

The In-Home Display that comes with a smart meter allows you to see exactly what you’re using and how much you’re being charged for it. This not only helps you budget and keep your finances in check, but it also encourages good energy habits and can lead to significant energy savings of 5-20%.

Improves accuracy of bills

With a standard meter, forgetting to submit a meter reading will result in your supplier having to estimate how much energy you’ve used over the billing period. They usually estimate this based on the typical amount of energy you’ve used in the past or how much they think you will use in the coming month. These estimates are often inaccurate, especially if the supplier has limited information about your usage.

A smart meter sends your readings automatically and frequently, so you will always be billed for the exact amount you use and there should be no nasty surprises. Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having to remember to provide the reading yourself – no more standing in the rain to read your meter every month!

Helps to identify faults

The In-Home Display shows you exactly how much energy you’re using at any given time, which can help you to notice any sudden spikes or drops which may indicate a faulty appliance or meter. By noticing and identifying these issues promptly, you can ensure it is dealt with quickly and safely.

Good for the planet

Smart meters and their In-Home Displays make you far more aware of your energy usage and costs, which in turn will encourage you to change your consumption habits – you may not even realise you’re doing it! Whether this is the decision to buy more energy-efficient appliances or run your dishwasher at an off-peak time when energy is at its cheapest, every little change helps.

By making more eco-conscious decisions, there will be less pressure put on the electricity grid and there will likely be an overall reduction in emissions from UK homes and businesses in the near future.

At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we work closely with utility companies to provide heating upgrade grants and other government-funded energy efficiency measures for low income and vulnerable households. If your energy bills have skyrocketed and you think you need access to government heating schemes, we’ll assess your eligibility and fund the energy efficiency measures you need to remain warm and comfortable. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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