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One of the main talking points within The United Kingdom at present is the rising cost of household bills, and for good reason. The monthly increase in both gas and electricity prices for April 2022 alone was by far the largest ever recorded, with data going back to 1988 – and the situation is only expected to worsen as Winter approaches. Millions of households are faced with the prospect of demanding bills, inflated payments and unpredictable financial losses. Let UK Energy Management Ltd take you through some practical tips and tricks to cut costs during this troubling time, with information on ECO4 heater grants from the government scheme.

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Check Insulation Or Draughty Windows

Though it may seem obvious, checking windows for any draughts, and keeping yourself updated on existing insulation can save on bills long-term, by reducing reliance on central heating and other means. A well-insulated home will retain heat for longer, stopping the entry of cold air from outside and keeping you and your family warmer for longer. Cavity wall insulation won’t always come cheap, whereas other forms of insulation may not always be as effective or long-lasting as this handy foam, bead, or mineral wool solution. Let us assess your situation for free provision of a funded grant.

Reduce Shower Time And Check Lights

A long shower after a hard day at work, or a refreshing morning soak can prove to be relaxing and therapeutic, but we’re all guilty of spending a bit too long pondering under the showerhead at times. Reduce water bills by only taking the time you need to wash yourself, and you could see a surprising reduction in costs come the end of the month. Another recognisable issue to account for is the prominence of lights in the home. Leaving bulbs switched on through the day, or lamps active while you sleep is one way to guzzle up energy, so make it a habit to check for this.

Government Scheme Eligibility

The ECO4 government scheme can enable low-income, fuel-poor or vulnerable households to install a wide range of energy efficiency measures completely free of charge. With the potential to make crucial savings on bills and reduce costs moving forward, this incentive was introduced in April 2022, and there are many criteria which deem individuals eligible for funding. Generally the benefits which qualify for funding under ECO4 include:

● Income-based Jobseekers Allowance

● Income-related Employment & Support Allowance

● Income Support

● Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

● Working Tax Credit

● Child Tax Credits

● Universal Credit

● Housing Benefit (newly eligible under ECO4)

● Pension Credit Savings Credit (newly eligible under ECO4)

● ​Child Benefit (dependent on income thresholds)

There are plenty of other conditions in which you may qualify for help, so simply use our eligibility checker today.

Quickfire Advice

Assorted tips for saving on bills include completing full laundry loads when possible, using the ‘eco’ setting on your appliances if convenient, and unplugging all of your chargers and cables when not in use. Also close your curtains at night and turn down the central heating temperature when possible. Consult our blog page for more advice and updated information on government funding for heating.

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