What Is The Installation Process For Smart Controls?

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If you are looking for steps to improve the energy efficiency of your property there is a wide range of options available. Insulation installations and improvements to central heating systems both help ensure efficient energy consumption as fuel costs continue to rise. Another option that can provide a wide range of benefits in terms of cost savings and convenience is smart controls. By providing heating controls that can be managed from a smartphone, this installation offers a wide range of easy-to-use options to maximise energy savings for your home.

Smart heating controls are one of a number of innovative smart upgrades that are becoming increasingly popular for households with other options providing smart connectivity for cameras, entertainment systems and door locks. In addition to providing similar improvements in convenience and usability offered by other smart home systems, smart central heating controls also provide data and feedback that can be invaluable in identifying areas where savings can be made in energy usage.

For the best outcome, it is important that your smart control is professionally installed. The ECO4 scheme means that funding can be provided for eligible households to make a range of heating upgrades including smart control installation. If you are exploring different options for smart control installation, checking your eligibility for an ECO4 grant can be helpful to understand the available options.

Read more below for some further information on the installation process for smart controls.

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Exploring Different Smart Control Options

The first step when choosing a make and model for your smart heating control installation is identifying which options are compatible with your home. Discussing the benefits of different options with an electrician can be a useful step in understanding the pros and cons of each model. In the instance where a range of different devices is compatible with your current heating system, understanding the different features is important to finding the right smart control for your home. Some key considerations include flexibility, sensors, ease of installation, user experience and preset options.

Removing Thermostat And Choosing Location

Once you have decided on a smart control system for your home the next step carried out by a qualified electrician is switching the power off, removing the previous thermostat and deciding on a location for the base of your new system. In some instances, it may make sense to install the new smart thermostat in the same place If your previous thermostat was installed in a convenient location. However, if there is a better location, for example, from a standpoint of internet connectivity, it can be worthwhile to take this into consideration.

Whilst installation location can optimise the convenience of a smart thermostat, one of the key benefits of this technology is that it can be controlled from your phone whether sat in the living room, in the office or away on holiday. This convenience provides real value not just in providing peace of mind that the heating is off when you are out but in being able to remotely set the heating to switch on exactly when needed. By providing flexibility to edit the timing of the heating remotely, rather than needing to stick to rigid timing, smart controls can lead to significant savings in the long term.

Smart Radiator Thermostats

Installing smart radiator thermostats provides the option to control the temperature of each room individually. The option to control the temperature of each room individually easily and conveniently is a key benefit of high-quality smart controls. One option is to start with a simple smart control system and expand the system over time by installing smart thermostats on radiators throughout your home. It is often possible to install different systems based on the heating requirements of your home so tailoring the solution to your property can help ensure you are maximising the value of the installation.

Connecting Devices

Once the installation has been completed the next step is installing your smart control app, completing any account setup steps and connecting any necessary devices to your smart thermostat. Whilst setup instructions are available online for devices once installation has been completed, it can be helpful to ask your installation engineer to walk you through this process as they will typically be familiar with the range of processes associated with setting up your smart thermostat. Alternatively, getting in contact with the customer service team for your smart control manufacturer can be a helpful step.

Wireless Internet Connection

One of the key components of an effective smart control system is the wireless internet connection within a household. Some of the main benefits of smart controls are being able to control the central heating system remotely. If there are persistent issues with internet connectivity it can be worth exploring different options. Typically, coverage will vary for different providers depending on the area so in some cases it can be possible to improve your internet connection without spending more simply by switching to a different internet provider.

Receiving data consistently and being able to control and set your heating system whilst away from home are key features that add to the value of smart controls. Ensuring that a high-quality internet connection is available is a key step in maximising the value of this installation. If there are low Wi-Fi areas within your property this can be a factor to consider throughout the installation process. One cost-effective step to resolve issues with inconsistent Wi-Fi connection throughout a home is purchasing a signal booster

Can You Install Your Own Smart Controls?

Smart control installation is a complex and technical process and it is important that it is carried out by an experienced electrician. Checking that your installation engineer is registered with NICEIC or another government-backed registration scheme can provide peace of mind that the work carried out will be of a high standard. Smart control manufacturers will also typically have a range of approved installation engineers with specialist expertise in a company’s product range and best practices for installation.

Once the base of a smart central heating control system has been installed, there are a number of additional components that can be added to a system in order to improve the scope of the system. Calling the customer support team of your smart control manufacturer to enquire about ease of installation for components to expand your smart control heating system can help provide clarity on whether or not you can easily add these parts to your system. Smart plugs for example are a useful addition that can easily be added to a system. If a change to your smart control system is more complex you can always contact an approved engineer to carry out the change to your system.

What Upgrades Are Available With An ECO4 Grant?

ECO4 grants are available for a wide range of improvements to heating systems for vulnerable households. In addition to improving the affordability of energy for vulnerable households, this can also help reduce a household’s carbon footprint by providing an eco-friendly heating solution. Some of the main changes that can be made to houses under the ECO4 scheme relate to insulation upgrades. Other popular options include boiler upgrades and electric storage heater insulations.

In order to maximise the efficiency of your home, it is important to ensure that a comprehensive range of high-quality heating and insulation solutions are implemented alongside each other. Smart controls offer the most benefit when installed alongside high-quality insulation and heating parts. For more information on ECO4 funding, our team at UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd can help advise on the eligibility criteria.

Complete Our Quick And Easy Form To Check Eligibility For An ECO4 Grant

The ECO4 scheme provides a wide range of funding including electric heating grants for eligible households. If you are eligible for an ECO4 grant our team at UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd can provide assistance with your application for a grant. Whether your household would benefit from heating upgrades, boiler replacement or smart control installation, finding out if you are eligible for ECO4 funding can be a helpful step in understanding the available options. To check your eligibility fill in our quick and easy form today or get in touch with our team by calling 0191 466 1185.

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