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SMART, (Self Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology), heating controls are intelligent thermostatic devices designed to integrate seamlessly with your current heating system through a wireless internet connection. This means you can control your heating remotely from your smartphone, tablet or another mobile device with an internet connection no matter where you are! Helping to reduce wasted energy and save money on your energy bills, smart control systems for your heating is an increasingly important way of tracking your energy use.

In this helpful and complete guide, we provide a guide to smart heating control systems, offering detailed insight into how UK Energy Management Ltd can assist, due to our unique partnership with Wiser™ SMART Control Systems.

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What Is SMART Control Heating?

Offering greater flexibility and control over your heating, SMART control heating systems are clever thermostatic devices designed to be fitted to your current heating system. This offers control over your heating, as you connect remotely through a fully integrated smartphone app, controlling your home’s temperature on the go. SMART controls use artificial intelligence to learn your property’s heating conditions, heating habits and more to detect inactivity, open windows and provide temperature control across your household.

Wiser™ SMART Control Systems | How Do They Work?

The Wiser™ smart control system can be easily accessed and controlled via the Wiser Heat app, helping you to observe real-time data and adjust heating and hot-water settings on the go. This will help you make the most of your energy, minimise waste and keep your energy costs down. Below, we outline how smart control systems work, providing key insight into the Wiser app, how it works and why it can prove highly beneficial at home.

Remote Heating

With a SMART control heating system, you can alter your home’s heating remotely, meaning you can simply visit the app on your smartphone and turn it on in preparation for your return. This means you can work in the office throughout the day, pop on the heating before you leave, and make sure it’s nice and comfortable by the time you arrive! This can be particularly advantageous in winter, allowing your home to be heated sufficiently without using high amounts of energy throughout the day.

Temperature Control

SMART heating control systems can control the temperature of your home on a room-by-room basis, altering the temperature for each individual space. This provides further opportunity to save both energy and money, as you remove the wastage of heating a home that is not in use, or maybe sufficiently heated already.

Heat Report

The latest feature to our state-of-the-art SMART control app, the Wiser Heat Report will provide extensive data gathered from every zone of your current smart heating system, presenting it in an easy-to-read display. This information can be collated over a number of days, weeks or even months, to provide you with a detailed, accurate and extensive analysis of your system’s performance. This will offer clear insight into how efficient your system is, and how well it’s performing to help identify areas where further energy and money can be saved.


Wiser smart control systems can integrate your SMART thermostats and heating systems with other applications on your phone outside of the Wiser app. Through the use of If This Then That (IFTTT), the Wiser app can be linked with voice-activated devices such as Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Open Window Detection

A highly innovative feature designed to detect drops in temperatures caused by an open window in your property, Open Window Detection can help prevent energy waste. Your SMART heating system will intelligently switch off the heating in the room with an open window detected, preventing energy wastage in this specific area of your home. This feature can be found in the Room Details section of your Settings menu in the Wiser app.

Wiser™ SMART Control Systems | Key Features

An intelligent control system for your heating at home offers incredible flexibility and control of your energy usage, offering a unique ability to control your heating from your phone via the Wiser™ Heat App. provided you have an internet connection, you can make simple, quick and effective changes to your heating controls at the touch of the button, no matter where you are! Below, we outline some of the key features and clever smart controls for your heating that can make your life just that little bit easier!


Here in the UK, the weather conditions can be somewhat unpredictable, resulting in sudden changes in temperature or exterior conditions that may impact the overall comfort of your home. Fortunately, with the Wiser Heat App, you can boost the temperature of your home, from wherever you may be in the world, ensuring it’s always at the optimum temperature for when you return.

Eco Mode

A highly effective and intelligent method of reducing your waste energy, smart control systems by Wiser™ offer an Eco Mode that, once enabled, aims to maximise efficiency. Through data collection, our smart thermostat will begin to understand more about your current property’s thermal properties, including how long it will typically take to warm up sufficiently. Combining this with live weather data, your smart thermostat will then calculate the most economical and efficient way of heating your home, to deliver a low-cost, energy-efficient household.

Comfort Mode

As an extension of the above, Wiser™ SMART control systems use clever algorithms to determine the best time to turn your heating on based on your home’s thermal properties. In fact, you can actually combine Eco Mode with Comfort Mode to enhance energy efficiency and reduce wasted energy simultaneously. Comfort mode will ensure your home is at the optimum temperature by a specific and set start time, potentially in the morning, evening or just before you arrive home from work.

Away Mode

A key feature that can help save your energy usage and costs when you’re not currently using your heating, Away Mode can be activated when you’re on holiday or out of the house for a night or two. Instantly reducing all set points in your home, Away Mode will ensure no unnecessary energy is wasted when you’re not at home.

Multi-Zone Control

Allowing you to take total control of the temperature of every single room in your home individually, multi-zone control will aid comfort and help energy consumption and costs. Simply set the temperature for your bedroom a few degrees lower than your living room in the summer, and be safe in the knowledge that your bedroom will remain cool when the time comes to sleep!

Schedule Changes

When you’re away from home, your Wiser™ Heat App will allow you full access to set schedules and make quick changes in the event the temperature fluctuates dramatically. You can schedule changes from anywhere in the world to help prevent waste energy and deliver instant modifications to the temperature inside your home.

If This Then That (IFTTT)

Providing you with the advantage of being able to wirelessly link up all your thermostats to different smart devices, offering even greater control of your heating, IFTTT can pull all your smart heating apps together.

UK Energy Management Limited | Wiser™ SMART Controls By Drayton

Do you require an innovative heating control system for your home? At UK Energy Management Ltd, we’re proud to supply Wiser™ smart control systems by Drayton, meaning if your property qualifies, you could benefit from independent temperature control for each room, resulting in potential savings of up to £450 on your energy bills!

The multi-zone system is a modern and adaptable smart control solution, offering helpful cost-cutting sustainability measures for properties as varied as bungalows and large detached housing. Reliable smartphone access means that your Wiser™ SMART heating system can be maintained anywhere and at any time, giving you ample opportunity to warm the home for winter nights or cool down specific rooms from the comfort of your bed. If you’re looking for a convenient, smartphone app designed to save you money on your energy bills, get in touch with our team today.

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