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As energy bills continue to rise there is a number of steps that can be taken to improve energy efficiency. An increasingly popular step to improve control over a central heating system and reduce energy bills is installing smart controls. This allows homeowners to control their central heating system from a smartphone, tablet or computer providing the option to control your heating remotely.

One of the options for funding provided by ECO4 grants covers installation of smart controls. The funding provided by ECO4 grants for eligible households is intended to provide assistance to vulnerable households in upgrading heating and insulation. In addition to reducing energy costs, these improvements to energy efficiency also help to reduce a household’s carbon footprint.

Read more for some further information on the key features offered by smart controls.

Smart home control

Automated Heating

In addition to the option to control heating separately for each room and set your heating using an app whilst you are away from home there is a range of other innovative features offered by smart controls. One of these features included in some smart controls is automatic detection when the house is empty. This means that the heating will automatically be turned off avoiding energy consumption when the house is empty.

Scheduling Options

Smart controls will provide a range of options for heating schedules as well as providing a range of preset options depending on your household’s heating requirements. These schedules can be saved on your smartphone app and adjusted. This is useful if you are away from home for a week on holiday as you can pause the heating schedule and restart it easily when you return home.

Control Your Heating Away From Home

One key benefit of the remote control offered by smart central heating controls is removing the worry that you have left your heating on. If you leave the house in a rush on the way to work your smart control app can be used to check and adjust heating settings. This is also useful if you are returning home after a trip and would like the heating to be on as you arrive back. The information provided by smart controls is also provided in a user-friendly, readable format which can be used to make decisions on the best ways to improve efficiency for your home’s energy usage.

Check Your Eligibility For ECO4 Heating Funding With Our Quick And Easy Form

The ECO4 scheme provides funding to vulnerable households to make a wide range of energy efficient improvements from installation of cavity wall insulation to implementation of smart controls to provide heating upgrades. At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd our helpful team can assist with arranging funding for eligible households. To find out if you are eligible for an ECO4 grant fill in our quick and easy form today. Alternatively get in touch with our team to discuss eligibility by calling 0191 466 1185 or emailing info@ukem.co.uk.

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