Four Heating Upgrades That Can Help During The Energy Crisis

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As we approach winter and the days get colder, the energy crisis is affecting all households in the UK. Although the government recently put a £2,500-per-year price cap on bills, within the larger context of the cost of living crisis, this is a band-aid solution which, for many, delays rather than entirely prevents the issue at large. Heating upgrades can help make your bills cheaper and your household more energy efficient and sustainable in the long run. Whatsmore, you might be able to qualify for an ECO4 government grant, which means you won’t have to pay towards any heating upgrades. Read on to discover more about heating upgrades, ECO4 funding, and how UK Energy Management can help.

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Electric Heaters

Electric heaters are an excellent heating upgrade to make for your household this winter. Whilst some electric storage heaters can be expensive to run, the High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heater (which can be installed for free by UK Energy Management) uses SMART technology to make it an incredibly energy-efficient device. Other benefits of an electric heater include climate auto-adjustment which ensures no heat is wasted and automatic usage during off-peak hours. This takes advantage of cheaper, off-peak tariffs, which saves you extra money on your electricity bills.

Gas Boiler

Whilst gas might appear to be an expensive form of energy, the price usually skyrockets due to inefficient boilers. An A-rated boiler can help save around 20-30% on bills, and qualm the impact of price hikes in the future. The real money-saver with this heating upgrade is the ability to receive a boiler grant through the ECO4 scheme, which allows you to get a world-leading gas boiler for free, meaning your home is superbly energy-efficient for years to come.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is a great heating upgrade and pairs brilliantly with a new gas boiler, efficiently retaining the heat inside your home to keep it warm during the colder months. Homes lose up to 35% of their heat through cavity walls, making your heating devices incredibly inefficient, wasting energy and raising your bills in the process. This heating upgrade will warm your home, keep your bills cheap, and might even raise the price of your house in the process.

Smart Controls

If your home qualifies for this heating upgrade, Wiser smart controls by Drayton can save you up to £450 on energy bills. Smart heating control is an innovative multi-zone system which allows you to control the temperature for each of your household’s rooms independently. This heating upgrade gives a transparent understanding of how much energy you’re using through its Wiser Home app, which even has energy-saving modes that further reduce the cost of bills.

About Us

If any of these heating upgrades have piqued your interest or you think that you might be able to apply for an ECO4 grant, UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd can help. We deliver energy-efficient upgrades nationwide, all in an effort to target fuel poverty in the UK, keeping you warm and saving you money on bills in the process. Call us at 0191 466 1185 or visit our website to check your eligibility for a free energy-efficient heating upgrade.

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