Why You Should Open Your Windows In Winter

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Winter months are all about keeping warm inside your home. This typically involves turning up the heat and making sure cold air does not enter your home. But even though it seems counterintuitive to have your windows open, it can actually be beneficial in winter to have them open for at least some of the day.

Here is more on why you should open your windows in winter.

Open Velux windows

Reduce Chances Of Getting Sick

Opening your windows during the winter can stop you from getting ill. This is because a lot of stale, recycled air is present in your home, when realistically you want fresh, clean air to be circulated. Keeping them closed can also cause condensation issues which can lead to mould and toxins growing in your home, leading to headaches, nausea, infections and fever.

With Coronavirus about, you also want to ensure your windows are open, as the virus can linger in enclosed spaces!

Health Benefits

Getting some fresh air is always beneficial to you, which is why people are encouraged to get outside as much as possible. In the winter, this can be a lot harder, as nobody wants to go outside in the cold. But you don’t need to go out to get fresh air, simply open your window and let it in! You’ll get plenty of clean oxygen into your lungs, instead of the stale air circulating around your home.

Air Quality

As mentioned above, keeping your windows closed means there is a lot of stale, recycled air in your home. This means the air quality is significantly reduced and probably has a lot of toxins from everyday use. Opening the windows will filter out this old air and allow fresh air to enter your home. So even opening your windows for a small amount of time can greatly reduce the indoor pollution in your home.

Free Heating Grants From UK Energy Management

While it is good to keep your windows open for portions of time during the winter, most of the time you want to have them closed and secure from cold air. This is why heating upgrades like double-glazing. Draught-stripped windows and insulation can help to keep your home energy efficient in the winter.

If you’re worried about the cost of heating upgrades, work with UK Energy Management today. We can offer FREE grants to our customers, meaning you can get energy-saving measures installed at no cost at all. This includes electric heating, cavity wall insulation and ventilation.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you.

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