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Rising energy bills are a huge conversation point in 2023, whether the discourse surrounds record profits being made by oil and gas companies, or the catastrophic effect that costs are having on families nationwide. The reality is that many hard-working individuals simply cannot afford to heat the premises, and this shouldn’t be occurring in the current day and age. The ever-changing circumstances of modern Britain call for a renewed focus on technology and innovation to tackle issues head-on, so read on and allow UK Energy Management to guide you through the various solutions to ever-increasing energy bills – from useful apps to sustainable supplies.

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The Situation In 2023

Though the outlook for 2023 is increasingly positive, the headline-grabbing energy bill prices of 2022 are still a talking point into the new year. Though there has been legislative action in the United Kingdom to limit monthly household costs, exploitative energy companies ultimately still have the final say. In place to assist households since April 2013, the Energy Company Obligation is a government-backed scheme which seeks to help out the most vulnerable households with sustainable and effective heating measures.

Having just entered the fourth stage of the cycle (ECO4), there are plenty of variables to consider, and if you take 60 seconds of your time to fill out the site form, we’ll quickly let you know whether you’re eligible for a grant. Eligibility criteria includes but is not limited to those who receive:

● Income based Jobseekers allowance (JSA)

● Income related Employment & Support Allowance

● (ESA) Income Support (IS)

● Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

● Working Tax Credit (WTC)

● Child Tax Credits (CTC)

● Universal Credit (UC)

● Housing Benefit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)

● Pension Credit Savings Credit (new eligible benefit under ECO4)

● Child Benefit

There aren’t strict limitations however, so it’s always worthwhile outlining your circumstances and submitting an enquiry form.

Apps And Mobile Utilities

Apps and mobile utilities are used by the majority of adults and young people on a daily basis, and this doesn’t just relate to social media sites and video games either. Plenty of useful utilities exist to help out with everyday life, and can even help you to save money on energy bills in some instances. From accurate calculators which determine potential savings on energy bills, to comprehensive interactive hubs which link directly to your metre – there are flexible interfaces for all. Even for those who aren’t overly tech savvy, simple tracking mechanisms will simplify matters and allow you to spot irregularities or bad habits.

Smart Plugs

As the name suggests, smart plugs are plugs which can be placed into a wall socket, with another socketed electrical appliance then being fixed in place with it. Generally, smart plugs allow you to turn your devices on and off from your smartphone, allowing an enhanced level of control, and functionality when you’re away from your home. This can allow you to heat rooms and control the supply of hot water while stationed away from the central system. In addition to these excellent features, smart plugs can sometimes allow the user to turn devices on and off with their voice and set schedules or timers to turn devices on and off when absent.

Solar Appliances

Solar appliances are objects and utilities which are powered solely or in-part by sunlight, and this can prove fantastic value compared to traditional appliances which are powered by mains electricity. Whether you’re simply looking to acquire solar powered lights and fittings, or seek a complete domestic redesign with fitted panels and more, sun-sourced energy has no bearing on your energy output, and is a fully sustainable way of producing your own energy, and cutting out the reliance on mains power and consequently fossil fuels.

Smart Home Controls

Smart controls are a common feature within modern homes, and act as a brilliant way to track and control energy output, usage and cost. Available within the ECO4 scheme for applicable homes, access to a smart metre or control system will allow for a greater degree of flexibility, and a much-improved way to track spending and energy use. With a helping hand from UK Energy Management, you could benefit from independent temperature control for each room, resulting in potential savings of up to £450 on your energy bills.

Smart home devices may not always be energy-efficient, but most can be utilised in ways that help you conserve energy. When you have access to smart home appliances, which you actively use, you are more likely to change your energy consumption habits as a result. Most devices will also measure exactly how much power they are using, and provide you with tips on how to use less energy. There are even some smart devices that will enter eco mode during peak hours, when energy prices are higher.

Energy Storage

Benefitting from advanced technology, An energy storage system allows homeowners to capture heat or electricity when it is readily available, and typically from a renewable energy system, immediately storing it for later. Though they come in many forms and distinctive designs, the most common energy storage systems include electric batteries, heat batteries and thermal stores. Helpfully enough, batteries can even be used to store electricity bought from the grid at cheaper times of the day, with dynamic tariffs that vary in price throughout the day.

Common ECO4 Additions

The required additions to your home will likely depend on the size, design and existing energy efficiency, though if you’re approved for funded measures, there are a range of government-approved features which may be implemented. Not always the latest advancements in smart technology or complex systems, take a look through the common changes which can result in fantastic savings and a comfier domestic space:

Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is responsible for keeping the cold out and keeping the heat in, finding that perfect relaxing middle-ground within your home. One of our qualified and accredited surveyors will take a look around your property to find out which type is best for you, from foam and bead to mineral wool. Whichever is selected, you can remain assured of a durable long-term solution.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps move existing heat energy from outside into your home, somewhat similar to a fridge – but in reverse. As they deliver significantly more heat energy than the electrical energy required to run them, they are very efficient, typically costing less to run than a traditional heating system as well – saving you plenty of money over prolonged periods.

Electric Heaters

Unfortunately, old radiators and outdated electric heaters could be costing you an unnecessary amount of money each month, therefore switching to a new top-of-the-range high heat-retention electric storage heater is sensible. Variable to suit different home layouts, when you submit your details to us, one of our advisors will discuss all the measures available to you based on your property and circumstances.

UK Energy Management: Boiler Replacements, Electric Heating And More

As an approved provider of funded measures, UK Energy Management are proudly backed by the ECO4 scheme. Introduced in April of 2022, this fantastic incentive aims to support low-income households by providing them with inexpensive yet high-efficiency heating and insulation, be it a boiler replacement or innovative eco heating. The primary objective of the scheme is to help vulnerable individuals to become more energy efficient in everyday life. Targeted at properties that meet particular criteria, the grant can be used for the installation or upgrade of cavity wall insulation, central heating improvements and much more!

All of this is provided free of charge to qualifying households – but that isn’t the only benefit. With huge amounts of energy lost through poor insulation, using this government initiative to upgrade your home will save you money on bills month after month. 100% legitimate and government-backed, contact us today for an overview of options and services – or to discuss ways in which your property can become more energy-efficient.

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