Modern Heating Upgrades: Embracing Sustainable and Smart Solutions

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Updated: Apr 18, 2023

With the hiking prices of energy bills and the importance of people and businesses being environmentally conscious in their actions, now more than ever people are looking for ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes in ways that are not only more affordable in the long run, but are also more sustainable.

Thankfully, there are now a number of smart solutions in place that can help with just that. Read on below as we discuss what some of these are.

Modern room thermostat

Smart Controls

If you have electrical heating solutions in your home, then smart controls are a great way to manage these. These allow you to set individual temperatures in each of your rooms, so that the rooms that you aren’t in can be kept slightly cooler rather than your energy be wasted by warming up rooms that aren’t in use.

In addition to this, the controls also come with an app that not only allows you to control your heating remotely, but lets you view and keep on track of your energy use and savings while offering tips on how you can improve this to keep your bills low and efficiency high.

One particularly useful feature to help with this is the included eco mode, which learns about your home’s thermal properties and how long it takes to react to temperature changes, so that it can turn the boiler off sooner in order to save energy.

If your home has a low energy efficiency rating, then you may qualify for a free heating system upgrade from gas to electric, which could include or would at least be compatible with smart controls.

Solar Energy

One energy solution that has significantly grown in popularity over recent years is solar energy. This boasts numerous benefits when it comes to providing energy to your home. Firstly, because solar panels allow you to generate an independent source of energy, they help to bring down your energy bills, since you will require less energy supply from the national grid (hence, you will pay less).

Another great thing about solar panels is that they utilise renewable energy, making them an incredibly sustainable option for powering your home. Sunlight is in abundance and solar panels can absorb energy from the sun even on cloudy days, meaning you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint by harbouring your energy in this way rather than using that which is supplied by the large energy companies who source it from fossil fuels.

Though solar panels can be costly to initially install, there are eco heating grants that you may be eligible for that could allow you to have them installed on your home completely free of charge to improve your property’s energy efficiency.

Are You Eligible for Heating Upgrades?

If you are a vulnerable individual or part of a low-income household and live in a property with an energy efficiency rating in band E, F or G, then you may be eligible for free energy support. This involves free heating upgrades such as cavity wall insulation, electric heaters or even solar panels.

For more information regarding the support available and how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, don’t hesitate to get in touch with UK Energy Management today.

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