10 Energy-Saving New Years Resolutions

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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

As we move into the new year, we’re sure you and your family have plenty of new years resolutions. Perhaps you’re going for ‘dry January’ or maybe you’ve decided to go vegan for the month. Though have you considered some energy-saving resolutions? Changing your attitude to saving energy may change many things in your home this year. One thing is for sure, you’ll probably notice a little less money going out on your energy bills! What’s more, you might be able to do your bit in saving the planet and bring our demand for fossil fuels down a little.

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Unfortunately, there’s no denying that our energy bills are rising. With the current climate, everyone’s utility bills are going up. Though this is just another reason for changing your energy habits and trying to cut down a little. This way, you might be able to save a little money on that monthly bill. Besides, starting the year with a plan of action to become just a little more environmentally conscious is a great way to bring in the new year. So, keep reading this blog and check out ten easy ways for you to save money on your energy bill and help the planet at the same time!

Turn your lights off

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to save money on their bills is leaving their lights on when they leave the room. Lighting our homes is one of the largest contributors to our energy bills and can drastically increase your monthly prices. So, an easy step you can take to get those nasty bills down is to turn these lights off when you leave the room.

However, you should also always consider whether it is strictly necessary to have your lights on in the first place. Perhaps it’s the middle of the day, or maybe you’re sitting down ready for a movie night. Always think, do I need these lights on? If the answer is no, then switch them off!

Take short showers

On a cold Monday morning, there’s no denying that having a long shower is easily done. Though in reality, this is one of the most common mistakes when people are trying to save money on their energy bills. Heating water and using your boiler takes a lot of energy, and multiple long showers during the week can drastically increase your bills. What’s more, your water bills will also increase, which will, of course, have an effect on your overall bills. So, make sure you take shorter showers so you can bring your bills down and save money.

Wash full loads

Perhaps unsurprisingly, your washing machine is one of the largest energy-using items in your home. After all, it uses both electricity and water, all while taking several hours to complete a wash. There is no denying that you will need to use your washing machine during the week. Unfortunately, there’s just no avoiding that. However, what you can do is make sure you fill your washing up before you switch it on. After all, if you turn your wash on without your washing machine filled to the top, you’ll only have to turn it on again later with a new load.

Keep the freezer full

Similar to washing machines, your freezer uses a lot of power to function. However, the number of items in your freezer has no effect on power usage, so it is easy to waste energy through this. In order to save money in this area, make sure that you fill your freezer drawers with leftovers and freezer food, so you’re making the most of this costly household appliance. What’s more, using your freezer to store leftovers and other food will probably mean that your weekly shops will fall in price, which is of course a welcome relief.

Look out for draughts

Many homes up and down the country lose a huge amount of energy through draughts and gaps. You may live in an old home where perhaps the front door has seen a lot of life or perhaps your home is a new build. Unfortunately, no matter the age, your home is always susceptible to draughts and this can drastically affect your utility bill. So, make sure that you spot these gaps in your home and complete the necessary repairs to stop those nasty draughts. One of the easiest steps is, of course, a draught excluder. So, make sure you purchase one of these as soon as possible to save money this winter.

Keep your windows closed

It can be tempting sometimes, after a warm shower or a few hours of cooking, to open the windows in your home and let some warm air out. After all, your home can quickly become warm and at times this may be a touch uncomfortable. However, opening the windows and letting this heat escape could be one the biggest mistakes you make during the winter as it uses far more energy to heat your home than it does to call it. So, if you let all of your warm air out, the likelihood is that you’ll have to turn the heating on shortly after this which will use a huge amount of energy.

Get a smart meter

Smart meters are taking the country by storm at the moment and there’s no guessing why really when you know the facts. Smart meters will allow you to keep track of energy usage in real-time. So, if you notice that you’re using a bit too much energy during the month, you can easily reduce your usage and ultimately your bills. You can also get some meters which allow you to switch your heating on even when you’re out of the house so you can heat your home up before you get home after a long day.

Invest in modern lighting

Modern lighting solutions have a myriad of benefits when it comes to your energy bills and some might surprise you. The first benefit centres around the effectiveness of modern lighting. Many new lights are now far brighter than some older models, which means that you will need fewer lights on in a room. This will, of course, use far less electricity and reduce your bills. The second reason is that new lighting uses far less electricity to power the bulbs, which is of course a huge benefit.

Turn on your appliances when necessary

There are many circumstances in homes when people leave appliances switched on when perhaps they don’t need to. Naturally, then one of the easiest ways for you to reduce your monthly utility bill is to turn these items off. Take your microwave for example. Even when this item is on standby, it is still using power and will therefore increase your bill. So, make sure you turn it off at the wall when you’re not using it. There are, of course, many other examples of this such as your toaster or TV. Naturally, this might be a difficult habit to get into, but you’ll definitely thank yourself at the end of the month.

In the modern era, managing our energy usage is extremely important and if you don’t keep an eye on this, you may find yourself with a huge bill. After all, it’s no secret that the price of energy has risen lately and unfortunately you simply can’t bet on it reducing. Therefore, finding any little tricks that might help you to reduce your energy bill may be extremely helpful to you and your family over the next few months. Make sure you try to stick to as many of the points in this blog as possible and hopefully your bill won’t rise too much.

If you need some advice on reducing your energy bills, then here at UK Energy Management, we can certainly help. We have many years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you. We pride ourselves in truly caring for our customers and really have a passion for making sure you walk away happy. So, contact us today to speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff!

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