How To Maintain A High-Functioning and Efficient Boiler

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There are many ways you can help maintain your boiler’s peak performance. This blog aims to expand your knowledge on these.

Boiler maintenance

Yearly Servicing

Your boiler has to be properly maintained each year to maintain peak performance, avoid malfunctions, lengthen its lifespan, reduce heating costs, and guarantee that it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This has to be done by a Gas Safe engineer who can make sure everything is in good working order and spot minor problems before they develop into unwelcome and expensive breakdowns.

Bleed Your Radiators

Your radiators may eventually become airtight. There may be chilly patches as a result of these air pockets preventing the radiator from heating up completely. Bleeding the radiators will let this air out. Radiator valves may occasionally have paint applied to them, making it quite challenging to bleed them. If not, an engineer will be able to assist you. A little push and some WD40 could be enough to free it. This should help you not have to search for a replacement gas boiler anytime soon.

Water Pressure

Your house remains cosy and warm because of the water pressure that keeps that hot water moving through the radiators and pipes. Ensure that the water pressure is at the proper levels. If the pressure is too high or low, you can easily change it yourself. Contact UK Energy Management if you are unsure how to proceed.

Check The Water Quality

Checking the water quality, which reflects the condition of your boiler, is a noteworthy suggestion that you should take into account for maintaining the boiler. The boiler is functioning correctly if the water in it is clean and free of dirt or oil residue.

If the water quality is subpar, the boiler will suffer. You must ensure that the water utilised is pure and of high quality since the boiler turns water into steam.

See whether there are any indications of a dirty boiler by checking the gauge. However, if you do detect any issues be sure to employ a UK Energy Management professional to help with any problems for safety reasons or if a new boiler is necessary.

Power Flush

Your radiators accumulate sludge over time, which is composed of rust and grime from the water running the central heating system. If there is a build-up, the system may get blocked, and you may find that your radiator doesn’t fully heat up. It is advised to have your boiler power cleaned every five years, especially in locations with hard water, for the most effective performance. When a new boiler is installed, it’s also a good idea to get a flush to make sure that your energy-saving boiler isn’t being spent on sludge-filled radiators.

At Uk Energy Management we aim to provide long-lasting boilers for your homes. We offer both gas boilers and LPG boilers depending on your individual needs. Please

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