4 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Insulation

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While insulation is a vital procedure that traps the warmth in and keeps any home at optimum temperature, it is a heating solution that is often overlooked.

In order to effectively boost your home’s warmth, insulation should be used in conjunction with any other heating system.

Keep reading to discover the most common myths about insulation, so that you can learn how to lower your energy bills while boosting your home’s heating.

Adding foam insulation

1. Insulation is too expensive

With every homeowner aware of the rise in energy bills in the last few months, many people assumed that they would have to sacrifice insulation for more affordable heating solutions.

However, at UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we offer a free cavity wall insulation grant to help improve your home’s heating efficiency while saving you money on energy bills.

Homes lose up to 35% of their heat through the cavity walls which is why it is such an important heating solution. To find out if you qualify for a free cavity wall insulation grant, click here.

2. Insulation only works during cold weather

This is a common misconception that is simply not true.

Insulation is a great year-round investment because it keeps you warm during the winter while also keeping you cooler during the summer months.

If you use an air conditioning unit or fan during the summer months, the cold air will be trapped in your home meaning your home will stay cooler for longer and you will save on energy bills.

3. The material chosen to insulate doesn’t matter

Not many people are aware of the wide range of materials used to insulate a home.

From mineral wool to foam, there are lots of considerations that are made to ensure that the material chosen is right for the individual building.

For example, you wouldn’t install cavity wall insulation in a hollow block or timber frame home as this can cause damage to your home. It’s important to work with a supplier and contractor that understands the importance of choosing the right type of insulation for each application.

4. You can insulate your home yourself

While it might be tempting to attempt to insulate your home yourself, insulating is difficult and requires a professional to conduct the right planning and design.

At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we have a team of qualified professionals who can deliver a quick and efficient insulation service.

UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd: Fully funded cavity wall insulation

If you are looking to boost your home’s heating efficiency, then look no further than UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd.

At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we offer free cavity wall insulation grants to help you save money on your energy bills.

To find out if you qualify for a free cavity wall insulation grant, click here, or contact us today for more information.

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