How Can Heating Funding Improve Your Home?

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Everyone deserves to live in a home that’s warm, comfortable and free of damp but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Rising energy costs or poorly insulated homes mean that some people simply can’t afford to sufficiently heat their home.

Luckily, help is available and heating funding is one way to upgrade your heating and improve your home. These grants are available for low income or vulnerable households across the UK, in both privately rented or owned property, so if you want to know more about heating funding and how it can improve your home, read on for our handy guide.

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What is heating funding?

Heating funding is available in the form of a grant for low income or vulnerable households, so they can gain access to the heating upgrades they need. There are a range of government support, grants and schemes available to help homes with improvements like a new gas boiler, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation. We’ll look at some of the available schemes and financial support options in more detail below.

ECO3 scheme

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme helps people on certain benefits to cut their energy costs through home improvements. Medium and larger energy suppliers fund the installation of energy efficiency measures in British households, which helps to tackle fuel poverty and reduce the UK’s carbon emissions.

ECO3 grants were first launched in 2013 and they’re currently available until 2022. The grants are available for those in either privately owned or rented accommodation (but you’ll need permission from your landlord). Those in receipt of certain benefits are eligible for the ECO3 scheme, including income support, carers allowance, disability living allowance, child tax credits and many more. You can check whether you’re eligible for an ECO heating grant via a website like UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd.

Warm home discount scheme

This government scheme gives some low income households £140 off their electricity bill once a year. Anyone who was on the Guaranteed Credit part of the Pension Credit on 5 July 2020 will get the 2020/21 Warm Home discount automatically. You may also be eligible if you receive certain benefits and you can apply for the discount using the ‘Warm Home Discount – Support Plus’ scheme through your energy supplier (be aware that not all energy suppliers take part).

Winter fuel payment

If you were born on or before 26 September 1955, you could get a payment from the government to help you pay your heating bill. Winter Fuel Payments range between £100 and £300 and most are paid automatically in either November or December. You can find out more about the Winter Fuel Payment and whether you qualify on the government’s website here.

Renewable heat incentive scheme

This government scheme is designed to encourage people to replace their oil or gas central heating systems with renewable options. This includes systems like air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps and solar. If you’re eligible to join the scheme, you’ll get paid for the amount of renewable heat your system produces. The payments will be made four times a year over seven years.

What can heating funding pay for?

As you can see, there are several options available to help you either pay for heating or upgrade your existing heating system. We’ll look at some of the systems that can be installed using heating funding in more detail below.

A new boiler

If your boiler is over 15 years old, prone to frequent breakdowns or simply not functioning as efficiently as it used to, it’s time for a replacement. You may be eligible for a boiler grant as part of the ECO3 scheme, which means you could receive a replacement gas or LPG boiler free of charge!

These new boilers are also A-rated which means you can enjoy the benefits of a boiler that’s more energy efficient.

Electric heating

ECO3 grants can also be used to pay for replacement electric heating from a reputable energy supplier. Electric storage heaters can help make a home more energy efficient and High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters can average a possible 30% reduction in heating costs. All installations will be carried out by fully trained technicians from a company like UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd.

Loft insulation

Around 25% of heat generated escapes through the roof but this can be reduced with the help of loft insulation. Some grants (like ECO3) can be used to pay for fully funded loft insulation to keep heat within your home. Loft insulation increases the energy efficiency of a property overall and you’re likely to notice the increase in heat, especially in the upper levels of the property.

Cavity wall/solid wall insulation

Insulation can also be added to the walls in the form of either cavity wall or solid wall insulation. Warm heat grants UK can help solve the issue of uninsulated walls and save you money on your energy bills. Like loft insulation, wall insulation helps to retain heat and regulate the temperature of your home all year round. An initial assessment will also be carried out to make sure your property is suitable for wall insulation before work begins.

The benefits of heating funding

Heating upgrades have many advantages for your home, so there’s a wealth of benefits to be gained if you’re eligible for heating funding. Even if you don’t meet the criteria, you may still be able to access a grant through flexible eligibility. Read on to find out more about just some of the ways heating funding can benefit your home.

Lower heating bills

Heating can be expensive, but the more energy efficient your home is, the lower your heating bills will be. Heating funding can be used to upgrade your home’s current heating system so that it’s more energy efficient. You can then expect to see savings on your heating bills, or you could even receive money through an initiative like the renewable heat incentive scheme.

Greater comfort

No one wants to live in a cold, damp home but heating funding can ensure you have access to the warm, comfortable home you deserve. Additions like loft insulation also help to regulate the overall temperature, meaning your home will be cooler in summer and warmer in the winter. Heating funding also gives you the peace of mind that any changes made are carried out to the highest standards, without you having to pay a penny.

Less heat loss

It can be counterproductive to have the heating on full blast if most of it is escaping through the roof or walls. You can minimise heat loss thanks to heating funding, which can be used to add wall or loft insulation to your home.

Higher energy efficiency

One of the main purposes of heating funding is to make as many homes as energy efficient as possible. A large majority of funding goes towards installing energy efficient measures, like a new A-rated boiler or High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters. Energy efficient systems are much better for the environment and they help households lower their carbon footprint.

Manage your heating funding with UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd

If you’re looking to manage your heating funding or check if you’re eligible for a grant, get in touch with the experts at UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd. We have heating funding from utility companies to assist low income and vulnerable households, whether you’re living in a privately rented or owned property across the UK. Our professional team is on hand to help you manage your council heating grants and access funding for heating upgrades through the ECO3 scheme.

If you’re eligible, we can visit your home for a free, no obligation survey and our fully trained technicians are available to install the most suitable upgrades to suit your needs. We can provide a range of services, including gas heating, electric heating, solid wall insulation and more. For more information or to see if you’re eligible for a free heating grant, give us a call today or contact us online.

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