How Could you Benefit From a Loft Insulation Grant?

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Although the loft is an area in our homes that is perfect for a little bit of extra space, this area is also responsible for using a huge amount of energy in order to keep the rest of the house warm. It is reported that around a quarter of heat generated is lost through the roof, meaning that your heating has to work harder to keep the house warm which, in turn, will cost you more. One way of overcoming this is by having loft insulation, as this helps to keep the heat inside your home and reduce your utility bills.

If you are from a low-income household or have vulnerable people living with you, then you could be eligible for a loft insulation grant. These types of grants cover the entire cost of installing loft insulation for those who need it the most. At UK Energy Management, we are certified insulation installers who hold strong values when it comes to providing people with loft insulation services to ensure their home is more comfortable.

This blog is going to discuss what loft insulation grants are, who is eligible for them and also the benefits of having an insulated loft.

Loft insulation

How does Loft Insulation Work?

The main way in which loft insulation reduces heat loss is by trapping the heat inside the room, meaning that the air stays warmer for longer. As well as keeping the heat inside, it also prevents cold air from actually entering your property too.

Lofts can receive different types of insulation:

Cold Loft – This could be considered the most common type of insulation. Creating a cold loft consists of laying insulation over the joints on the floor of the loft. Whilst this method will keep the house warm, this means that the loft space itself will be either hot or cold depending on the season.

Warm Loft – This option is perfect for storage and also regulates the temperature well regardless of the season. This type of insulation is best suited to those who have a loft conversion. This method is more complex than the cold loft, as the insulation is created between the rafters under the roof.

Room in Roof – This type of insulation is best for those using the area as a living space or bedroom. This method requires all the walls and ceilings to be insulated. The insulation here is installed between the rafters and existing plaster walls.

Flat Roof – Flat roofs are often insulated from above by adding a layer of insulation board and weatherproof layer to the existing roof surface.

It might be apparent here that the process of loft insulation is complex and difficult. As a result, when it comes to loft insulation you should avoid approaching it from a DIY perspective. DIY insulation is not recommended because the risk of something going wrong is so high. It is vital that the person insulating the roof uses the right tools and knows what parts to insulate.

What is a Loft Insulation Grant?

When it comes to the loft space, the amount of energy it uses can sometimes be neglected. Considering that heat rises, not having loft insulation could have a significant impact on your utility bills. Especially for low-income households, the availability of loft insulation is important when it comes to saving money. Therefore a loft insulation grant allows these households to have their loft insulated for free. This is all part of the government’s Energy Company Obligations scheme, where a grant is provided to cover the cost of home efficiency improvements. Running since 2013, these eco government grants have been helping households to use less energy and make living more affordable.

At UK Energy Management, our access to government funding can help to improve your home’s heating and insulation. Using our High Heat Retention Electric Storage Heaters, we can reduce your heating costs by around 30%. With our fully qualified insulation installers, we are committed to driving your living costs down and making your house more comfortable.

Who Qualifies for This Grant?

Whilst this eco government grant does cover the cost of loft insulation, you must be eligible to receive the grant. Loft insulation grants can be claimed by anyone who is from a low-income household or living with someone who is vulnerable.

This grant can also be claimed by anyone who receives the following benefits:

● Carer’s Allowance

● Child Benefit

● Disability Living Allowance

● Job Seekers Allowance

● Pension Guarantee Credit

● War Pensions Mobility Supplement

It is important to consider that this list is not exhaustive. So if you want to know if you are eligible for a loft insulation grant, then fill in UK Energy Management’s form. Our guarantee is to make your home a more comfortable place to live, whilst simultaneously helping you when it comes to saving money!

Benefits of Loft Insulation in the UK

Save Money

As aforementioned, having no loft insulation means that more heat is escaping through the roof. This means that more strain is put on your heating to ensure that the house is kept warm. As noted previously, around a quarter of heat is lost through the roof. Therefore having an insulated roof helps to reduce this heat loss and reduce the heating bills. If there is less pressure on the heating to actually keep the house warm this will therefore correlate with a reduction in heating bills.

Considering that loft insulation improves the thermal efficiency of your home, this means that you can save significant amounts of money in the long term. Although it depends on the house itself, some households can save around £225 on their energy bills. Loft insulation is also known to last around forty years too, so you can rely on it being effective for some time.

In view of the fact that loft insulation grants cover the cost of the installation process, then loft insulation should be a welcomed addition to any home. Even though the charge of the insulation is covered, the quality of the product is not compromised either. At UK Energy Management we use certified products that are proven to insulate the property to a high standard.

More Eco-Friendly Home

The presence of loft insulation not only contributes positively to your living space and utility bills but the environment too. Having loft insulation reduces carbon footprint and reduces the chemicals that escape from air conditioning units into the environment. Air conditioning is renowned for negatively impacting the environment, therefore any way to help reduce its use will go a long way. Again, this loft insulation is just one part of the eco government scheme to help reduce emissions and to help save the environment.

Noise Reduction

Another benefit of having loft insulation is the reduction in noise pollution. This means that less noise is entering your home, allowing you to get some peace and quiet! Loft insulation will help to soundproof this area as it absorbs the noises and prevents them from transferring between rooms. If you live near a main road or heavy traffic, then loft insulation can help to reduce this noise.

Have your Loft Insulated by UK Energy Management

At UK Energy Management, we pride ourselves on providing loft insulation services that are the perfect solution to reducing energy bills and making your living space more comfortable. With our team of fully qualified and competent tradesmen, it is our duty to transform your roof space to leave you with a cost-effective and efficient home. If you are convinced that we are the loft insulation service company to make a difference in your life, then get in touch with our team today! Alternatively, visit our loft insulation page to see if you are eligible for a grant!

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