How Your Home Could Benefit From A Ventilation Installation

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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Your home can be adapted in numerous ways to make it more comfortable throughout the year. Adaptations such as insulation, solar panels and double glazing can make your energy usage more efficient whilst making sure that your interior stays warm, even throughout the winter months. This can result in savings on your energy bills in addition to creating a more pleasant home environment to unwind in.

When you consider various energy saving methods, one element that may be overlooked is ventilation. Ventilation equipment may seem redundant in winter, where you’re mostly looking to keep your home warm. But supplying your home with fresh air is essential all year round. Read on to learn more about the numerous ways you could benefit from installing an effective ventilation system in your home.

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Stay Warm

Contrary to what you may think, ventilation can keep your home warm while providing your space with fresh air. This is because a ventilation system can boost air circulation without requiring you to open a window, meaning you can retain your indoor temperatures whilst refreshing your space.

Remove Pollen & Dust

Various allergens circulate in both indoor and outdoor air, where these can include dust and pollen. Some people can be particularly sensitive to these allergens, where a ventilation system can ensure that you have a clean indoor air supply. This can often be more beneficial than opening a window, which can encourage fresh bouts of pollen to enter your home.

Extract Pollutants

In today’s world of carbon emissions and environmental catastrophe, we’re all learning to cope with a daily worsening of air quality conditions. Particulates and pollutants can be harmful to human health, where a reliable ventilation system can help to provide you with a better quality of indoor air to breathe.

Prevent Mould & Damp

A ventilation system can also help with the prevention of damp related issues such as mould. Unventilated homes can quickly become damp, where mould build up can be harmful to your health if allowed to spread.

UK Energy Management: Funded Energy Upgrades For Your Home

At UK Energy Management, we can provide you with a brand new and fully funded ventilation system for your home. Our Air-Box systems can clean incoming air of pollen, dust and soot, providing you with a fresh indoor environment. In addition to this, the government-backed ECO4 funding scheme can also provide you with a new boiler or free loft insulation.

Get in touch with us today to find out if you qualify for funded heating upgrades or a ventilation installation.

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