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Updated: Oct 19, 2023

As thousands of families can attest to nationwide, times are tough at the moment, with energy bills often reaching eye-watering numbers, and some outdated appliances not even functioning as they should. Consequently, many homeowners are seeking help elsewhere – and this is where the ECO4 scheme comes in. A Government-backed incentive offered by UK Energy Management, we can save you money on bills, and update your dysfunctional utilities – completely free of charge! Read ahead and learn more about eligibility today. logo

The ECO4 Scheme

The Energy Company Obligation, or ECO for short, has been a crucial initiative in the United Kingdom, for promoting energy efficiency in homes. With the launch of ECO4, homeowners now have even more opportunity to enhance their energy efficiency, marking a significant shift from its predecessor, ECO3. Several key changes aimed at making the scheme more accessible and effective have been implemented, and one of the most notable changes is the expansion of the ECO4 grants eligibility criteria. Unlike ECO3, which focused mainly on low-income households, ECO4 offers flexible eligibility, ensuring a wider range of homeowners can access eco grants.

Sustainable Measures

Under ECO4, a diverse set of sustainable measures are available to improve the energy efficiency of your home. These measures include but are not limited to insulation, boiler replacements, and heating upgrades. The scheme prioritises cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions, helping homeowners reduce their energy bills while contributing to the UK’s sustainability goals. One of the primary objectives of ECO4 is to target fuel poverty, assisting homeowners. Those struggling with high energy bills due to inefficient heating systems can now benefit from ECO4 grants to upgrade their heating, and this not only improves their living conditions but also reduces carbon emissions.

Flexible Terms

ECO4 allows for a more comprehensive approach to energy efficiency. Instead of a one-size-fits-all solution, the scheme takes into account the specific needs of each household. This means that eco grants can be tailored to address the unique energy efficiency challenges of your home, ensuring that you get the most effective upgrades. In addition to flexible eligibility and tailored solutions, ECO4 also encourages the use of renewable energy sources. Homeowners can now access grants to install solar panels, heat pumps, and other sustainable technologies. This not only reduces their reliance on fossil fuels but also promotes cleaner and greener energy alternatives.

Professionally accredited and always professional, the team at UKEM is certified and qualified to handle all your heating and energy upgrades – and this even includes electric or gas boilers. We’ll let you know whether you’re eligible for a grant, and our engineers will be in touch to book a survey and installation date. Contact us today with any queries.

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