Insulation Installation: How The Full Process Works

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Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As energy bills continue to rise across the nation, homeowners everywhere are looking for efficient ways to keep warm whilst using less heating. One way to improve home heating efficiency is to invest in insulation, as this traps heat in your home, meaning less energy needs to be used to stay warm. Insulation comes in lots of different forms, including cavity wall, solid wall and loft, where each of these will contribute to lowering your energy bills.

The government backed ECO4 funding scheme is one way in which you could gain access to the benefits of insulation at a low cost. Eligible households are entitled to full or partial grants to pay for various heating upgrades, including wall and loft insulation. Read on to find out more about this affordable insulation process, from grant applications to installation.

Loft insulation

Apply For A Grant

If you believe that your household is eligible for an ECO4 grant, then you can quickly fill out our online eligibility form to learn what you’re entitled to. Our form is designed to be straightforward, where it should only take 60 seconds to complete. If you receive Child Benefit, Universal Credit or a number of other benefits, then you could qualify for free insulation for your home.

Book A Home Survey

Once we’ve approved your eligibility, we can then arrange for you to receive a home survey from one of our experts. This will involve checking how suitable your structure is for the installation of heating upgrades, and whether you have pre-existing insulation that needs to be removed. After the survey is complete, you’ll be able to book an installation.


The installation process can usually be completed quickly, where loft insulation typically takes one or two days to install, whilst wall insulation can take longer. This process is extended if you have old insulation that needs to be safely removed first.

For loft insulation, the process will then consist of sealing up any air gaps in the space. Once this is dried, insulation will then be cut to the correct size, and the surface will be lined in preparation for the material to be fixed. The installation team will then staple the material in place and tape up any loose edges to ensure that it is secure.

UK Energy Management: Helping You To Reduce Your Energy Bills

At UK Energy Management, we’re here to help you access ECO4 funding and get the heating upgrades that you need. In addition to wall and loft insulation, we can also provide you with a new boiler, solar energy options and smart control upgrades.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can help, or fill out our eligibility form today.

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