Is Insulation an Energy Efficient Solution All Year Round?

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In the winter months, many people are encouraged to have good-quality insulation installed in their homes to keep the heat in and help save on their energy bills. But, did you know that good quality insulation is also beneficial in the summer? So, don’t think you’ve got plenty of months to get it sorted and improve your insulation towards the end of the year – do it now!

Read on to see how insulation works throughout the year to keep your home at an optimum temperature no matter the outside weather.

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During the Winter

Of course, insulation is most well known for keeping any heat inside your home, and it is indeed incredibly effective at doing just that. The materials that most of our houses are made of in the UK, such as brick, stone and concrete, do not have particularly good thermal properties. As such, insulation is used to act as a barrier between the inside of our homes and our walls, with its low thermal conductivity meaning the rate at which heat is transferred to the outside will be reduced.

One of the most effective forms of insulation in the winter is loft insulation. It is a well-known fact that hot air rises, so when you have your heating turned on in the cold months, a lot of this will rise to the top of your home.

Now, when you do not have insulation, this heat can more easily dissipate out the roof of your home. This may be why you often find it warmer in the upstairs level of your house and colder downstairs.

To stop this from happening, loft insulation is used. Most UK houses have lofts – whether these be a usable space or not in your home, they are ideal for fitting insulation into, as it is easy to install, out of sight and provides the perfect barrier for keeping that heat from escaping out your roof and staying in your home for longer.

During the Summer

You may be thinking, ‘if insulation stops heat from escaping my home, then why would I want it in the summer when the opposite is favourable?’. This is an understandable thought to have, but there is a scientific explanation.

Think for a moment about a metal drinks flask – people use these to keep their hot drinks warm for longer and their cold drinks cool for longer, and they work, right?

That’s because thermal insulation works by reducing the rate of heat transfer. This doesn’t just mean reducing the rate of heat transferring away from something, but also reducing the rate of heat transferring into something, which is why metal flasks are able to work the way they do. The same principle applies to house insulation.

In the summer months, when it’s really hot outside, insulation works to help slow the rate of heat transferring from outside to inside your home, which helps to keep your home cool. This is why it is recommended to keep your windows closed on the side of your house where the sun is shining in the summer, as opening them would just be letting all the hot air in. Cavity wall insulation is particularly effective at helping to keep your home cool in the summer, as the sun will be beaming down against the face of your house throughout the day.

If you’re in need of good-quality insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your home, reach out to our certified insulation installers here at UK Energy Management – you may be eligible for funded support. Get in touch with us today to check your eligibility.

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