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Updated: Mar 22, 2023

Since April 2022, the ECO4 government grant has supported low-income households, funding a range of energy-efficient heating upgrades for a wide variety of properties. In a time when energy prices have dramatically increased and the cost of living has skyrocketed, the ECO4 government grant can be of crucial assistance to those who are struggling to run a home without breaking the bank. Supplying heating upgrades such as cavity wall insulation and gas boilers, UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd can ensure the economically vulnerable can afford to live comfortably in a heated, energy-efficient home.

If you think you might qualify, you can click here to find out whether you’re eligible for the ECO4 government grant. Read on to find out what heating upgrades are available, which might suit you and your home best, as well as other factors to consider in choosing heating upgrades for an energy-efficient home.

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Electric Storage Heaters

Heaters are one of the most common heating upgrades available for a wide range of homes. They work by converting energy to heat before distributing it to the surrounding area. This transfer of heat energy warms the environment it is in. Energy-efficient electric storage heaters are available as a heating upgrade with the ECO4 government grant.

Electric storage heaters store heat during off-peak hours and then release it during peak hours. This makes them most effective in homes where occupants are present during the day, as they will benefit from the electric storage heater releasing the stored heat. As a heating upgrade, it is most effective in a well-insulated small or medium-sized property – this will ensure that heat loss is reduced and the device remains wholly energy-efficient.

The electric storage heaters available from UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd under the ECO4 Government Grant are of exceptional quality. Not only is no mains gas supply needed, but these electric storage heaters last longer than other storage heaters on the market and have auto-adjustment capabilities to the surrounding climate.

Furthermore, the electric storage heaters supplied by UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd are energy-efficient and utilise SMART technology to ensure ultimate effectiveness as a heating upgrade. Through storing off-peak energy, they can steadily maintain a warm temperature for your property in an energy-efficient and inexpensive manner. Very little maintenance is required with these heating upgrades, and more information on electric storage heaters can be found on our website, as well as a helpful guide.

It is important to note that storage heaters may not be suitable for homes that have irregular occupancy patterns or large temperature fluctuations. Additionally, homes with high heat loss due to poor insulation or drafty windows may require additional heating sources to maintain a comfortable temperature.


There are several forms of insulation available as a heating upgrade under the ECO4 government grant. Each insulation type will depend on the nature of your property and how it was constructed.

Cavity Wall Insulation

A common feature for many homes, a cavity wall consists of two brick layers with a gap in between them. Whilst cavity walls are insulated on modern homes, properties built between 1924 and 1982 have no insulation inserted between the cavity. This means that the walls have a huge gap between them, allowing hot air to easily escape.

Without cavity wall insulation, heat is wasted. And if you want to keep warm, your home has to generate surplus heat, leading to unnecessary energy usage and higher cost of bills. Cavity wall insulation can be made from foam, bead, or mineral wool, and will ensure that cold air will be kept out of the home whilst heat is retained inside of it.

Cavity wall insulation is an excellent heating upgrade that can improve property value, increase energy efficiency, keep costs down, and make your home suitable for additional methods of heating.

Loft insulation

If your property has a loft, there is a high chance that it isn’t insulated. This can decrease your property’s thermal efficiency, as heat can easily escape through the roof. With an insulated loft, heat loss will be reduced, making your home a much warmer and more comfortable place. In addition, your carbon footprint will be reduced and up to £280 can be saved per year on energy bills.

Solid Wall Insulation

Recent estimations have shown that around 36% of homes have uninsulated, non-cavity solid walls. Uninsulated solid walls have reduced energy efficiency, heavy drafts, and increased moisture which can lead to dampness and even mould growth. With the help of UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, solid wall insulation can be placed around the fitted walls with a fully plastered finish.

Provided by the ECO4 government grant, solid wall insulation can be a heating upgrade that transforms how your property functions, ensuring the walls are kept insulative and dry. Similar to all methods of insulation, the effectiveness can be compounded by installing further heating upgrades, as it enables heat to be easily stored within the home.

Gas Boiler

Many might expect a gas boiler to be an expensive heating upgrade for the home, being complicated to install and costly to run. However, an energy-efficient A-rated gas boiler can save up to 30% on bills and will ensure the consumer is saved from future increases in price. A gas boiler represents a reliable and effective source of heat for a wide variety of property types, providing warmth evenly throughout the home.

If you need a complete heating upgrade for your home, a gas boiler makes for an excellent choice. The common drawback with this type of heating option is the cost, as installation can be costly, especially if your home doesn’t have direct access to a gas line. However, with the ECO4 government grant, this heating upgrade can be funded, meaning that if you’re eligible, you can receive a world-leading gas boiler for free!

It’s worth noting that gas boilers will be much more effective in conjunction with forms of insulation, such as cavity wall insulation, as heat energy will be retained within the property and not wasted.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Commonly used in commercial settings, air source heat pumps are an increasingly popular heating upgrade that can be of great benefit to keeping your home warm. They work by transferring outside heat energy into the home – like a fridge in reverse – and are very efficient, providing a higher amount of heat energy than the electrical energy required for them to function effectively.

Air source heat pumps are a simple design, which can be cheaper to run than traditional heating systems such as gas boilers and electric heaters. They will reduce bills, lower carbon emissions, and require little maintenance with a fuss-free installation process.

Smart Controls

For those looking for a heating upgrade which gives them greater control over how their home is heated, smart controls are an innovative, adaptable solution. This can work especially well in larger properties with multiple rooms, such as detached homes and bungalows.

Wiser smart controls are a centralised system to systematically organise how your home is heated, as you use a mobile application to remotely control the heating of your home. In the Wiser application, you can set individual temperatures for each room, control underfloor heating, and schedule heating devices to switch on at specific times. It even can work with smart home devices, enabling you to heat your home with your voice!

Using smart controls, you can reduce excess heat energy consumption by 20% through controlling the temperature of individual rooms, saving up to £450 on your energy bills. This futuristic heating upgrade is available on the ECO4 government grant, as is perfect for those looking to understand how the home heating system functions on a wider level. It gives the consumer ultimate control over how a home is heated and an insightful understanding of how heat energy is utilised in the home.

Choosing A Heating Upgrade

The heating upgrades mentioned in this article all represent incredibly advantageous options to improve the energy efficiency of your home. However, each heating upgrade will depend on what the property in question is currently like. Cavity wall protection, for example, can lay excellent groundwork for further heating upgrades to function with ease. Smart controls, on the other hand, with their authoritative outlook on a property’s system of heating, can be the “cherry on top” for an ultimately energy-efficient and cost-effective home.

UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd can help decide which heating upgrade is best for your home. Contact us to find out whether you can receive free, energy-efficient heating upgrades for your home through the ECO4 government grant. If you’re eligible, whether its a gas boiler or an electric storage heater, we can help you find the best option to make your home a comfortable and warm place.

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