Staying Warm This Winter With Electric Heating

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As the temperature drops and the days shorten, there’s no denying that winter is well and truly here. Sure, this is the season for hot drinks and cosy evenings at home, but with rising fuel costs and financial turbulence, staying warm is a serious concern for many households.

Fortunately, there are cost-effective alternatives to gas boilers and, for those struggling to keep up with the spike in energy prices, grants are available. In the following blog, we’ll outline a few benefits of modern electric storage heaters and outline the ways in which an energy grant could be a viable solution.

Electric heating

Electric Storage Heaters

For the purposes of this blog, we’ll focus on one of the most common modern alternatives to gas boilers. Electric storage heaters, as the name suggests, function by storing heat during the night and releasing it throughout the day. This is to take advantage of lower off-peak electricity tariffs and save owners considerable amounts of money.

Among the many benefits of electric storage heaters are their independence from mains gas supplies; as gas prices continue to soar, electric storage heaters provide an efficient alternative that won’t break the bank.

Are Electric Heaters Efficient?

In the past, electric heaters gained a reputation for inefficiency due to their outdated design and poor heat retention capacity. However, as technology has improved, so have electric storage heaters. Nowadays, electric storage heaters are far more efficient, using high heat retention and SMART technology.

It is worth noting that new electric storage heaters are not only cheap to run, but they also boast a number of useful features, such as automatically adjusting to the climate around them and require no maintenance after installation. What’s more, electric storage heaters installed by engineers here at UK Energy Management are programmable, cool to the touch and quiet to run.

Electric Heating Grants

Of course, with the cost of living increasing every day, and energy bills soaring through the roof, investing in a new heating solution may not be a financially viable option for many families. Fortunately, other options are available, one of which is ECO4 funding from the UK government.

Introduced in April of 2022, the ECO4 scheme is intended to support low-income households by providing them with low-cost, efficient heating and insulation. What’s more, all of this is entirely free to eligible applicants.

How Can UK Energy Management Help?

Here at UK Energy Management, we believe that comfort and warmth are basic rights, and take pride in providing support to low-income households with the support needed to ensure this is obtainable. Our team are committed to installing high-quality, energy-efficient heating solutions for households and families up and down the country.

From electric storage heaters to gas boilers and cavity wall insulation, we provide a number of services designed to improve living conditions and efficiency. So don’t hesitate, check your eligibility and begin your application now.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements with a member of our friendly team.

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