Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer And Lower Your Heating Costs

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Coming into winter, heating the house can be a troubling prospect. You know the energy bills will go up, and with increasing energy bills anyway, you may wonder if you should even put the heating on at all. There are of course ways to stay warm without the heating, but also many ways to improve your home’s heat efficiency when you do use it.

Loft insulation or cavity wall insulation are great ways to maximise home heating efficiency. However, they can be big jobs or expensive – though there are many government grants and schemes available to assist with affordability.

Alternatively, take a look at our quick guide for simple tips to keep your home more heat and energy efficient, without breaking the bank.


Bleed Radiators

If your radiators are cold at the top or not as hot as they should be, they may need bleeding. The problem is likely trapped air in the radiator system, especially when cold at the top. This air prevents the natural water and heat flow around the radiator, significantly reducing its overall efficiency.

Bleeding radiators is easy, however. Radiator bleed keys can be bought from any DIY shop for about one pound. Simply insert the key into the valve at the top of the radiator to release the air. You will hear a hiss as the air escapes. When water begins to drip, you’ll know all the air has been released and the radiator’s normal water levels have been restored.

Close Curtains

Keep your curtains closed as much as possible. Of course, we’re not suggesting you block out the light throughout the day when you’re home. If you’re not home, however, keeping the curtains closed maintains better insulation in your home, as plenty of heat is lost through the windows.

To minimise the heat loss there as much as possible, it’s good to close curtains before dark and to draw them behind radiators and not in front of them. Don’t waste energy heating your windows!

Invest In Draught Excluders

Check for any cold air getting in through cracks or gaps around windows and doors. If there is cold air creeping in, block it. There is plenty of easy-to-use and inexpensive draught excluding items out there, from foam tape to long cushions you lay along the bottom of a door. The difference they make can be huge.

Lay Rugs Over Hard Floors

Wood flooring is lovely, but it can also allow heat to escape, especially between the gaps. Stone and tiled floors will fall much cooler when a room is unheated, too. That means it will be cold on the feet and cool you down by extension. Putting rugs down over hard floors in the colder months can keep you more comfortable for longer, meaning less heating is required.

Get Help To Cover Costs

If you’re struggling with heating bills and worried about your heating use, there are many grants and schemes available that can help, such as free heating grants. To find out more, get in touch with UK Energy Management today.

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