The Advantages of Storage Heaters

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Storage heaters are a great way to provide heat for your home while saving you money on your bills. However, they are usually thought to be too hot in the morning and too cold in the evening. Fortunately, this is usually due to user error, and storage heaters are a great way to provide the right amount of heat at the times you wish.

So here are some of the advantages of storage heaters.

Storage heater


Storage heaters are a great way to provide cost-effective electric heating to your home. They generate and store heat during off-peak times, which is much cheaper than at peak times. The heat stored is then released slowly over time, keeping you warm all day long from heat stored during the middle of the night or at other off-peak times.

Cool To The Touch

Storage heaters are great because they can help to heat a room while not actually being too warm themselves, usually heating ceramic bricks that then heat the room. This is ideal if you’re in a house with small children, as they won’t accidentally touch a hot heater and hurt themselves.

Reduce Maintenance Issues

As they provide all-day heat to a room, a storage heater helps to maintain the temperature in the building fabric. Maintaining this temperature can reduce the risk of building issues developing. So storage heaters can keep you warm while also reducing any repair issues that could plague the rest of your home.

Aside from reducing maintenance issues, storage heaters are maintenance free themselves. They’re unlikely to break down and do not require annual servicing.


Storage heaters are highly temperature accurate, meaning they will heat rooms to ideal temperatures without making them too hot, or not providing enough heat and leaving the room cold. If you like your rooms warm, some models incorporate a boost function to provide you with some additional heat.

Small But Effective

Because of how effective the heaters are, they don’t have to be as large as other types of heaters. This allows them to easily be placed anywhere in a room without getting in your way.

Heating Upgrades From UK Energy Management

UK Energy Management can provide free electric storage heaters to eligible customers. We supply efficient heaters that will keep you warm when needed while keeping your energy bill down. We have a simple four-step process, you just have to complete the online form to check your eligibility, we’ll visit your home for a free survey, install your heaters and then you enjoy the benefits of the energy-saving measures.

Even if you don’t qualify, we can contact your local authority to see if an exception can’t be made. So get in touch with us today by calling on 0191 466 1185 to talk through what energy management solutions can help you, or visit our website now to fill out our enquiry form and find out more.

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