Top Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Solar Panels Working

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These days we’re all looking for effective ways to minimise our impact on the environment whilst saving money on our energy bills, where solar panels have become a popular way to address both of these issues.

More than a million UK homes are now enjoying the benefits of solar power, where these panels can be affixed to domestic roofs or outbuildings. They are made up of photovoltaic cells which absorb energy from the sun which can then be transferred into a flow of electricity for use inside the home.

The benefits of solar are palpable, but it is also important to take care of your installation to ensure it is working at its best. Read on for some tips on solar panel maintenance that can help to save you money and keep energy production at a high level.

Solar panels

Regular Servicing

Like any technology in your home, solar panels benefit from receiving a professional service every five or ten years, just to check that everything is in good working order. Picking up on issues ahead of time can save you money in the long run, where overlooking an issue could lead to more costly repairs or even a system replacement further down the line.

Monitor Performance

It is also recommended that you keep an eye on how your solar panels are performing on a day to day basis to make sure there hasn’t been a malfunction. Most solar panels will come with a metre to help you to monitor energy output, where you will quickly be able to tell if there’s a dip in production. If you do note a change, then it is best to book a service or contact a solar panel repairs professional.

Check Inverters

A solar panel inverter is the piece of technology that converts direct current electricity generated by the panel cells to alternating current electricity which can be used by the national grid. This should always be showing a green light to indicate the system is working correctly, where inverters will need to be replaced more frequently than the panels.

Remove Debris

As solar panels are usually fixed to your roof, they are made vulnerable to various dangers such as overhanging branches and a build up of fallen leaves or twigs. You also need to ensure that your solar panels are protected from birds, squirrels and other wildlife, where this can be done using mesh netting.

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