Warranties and Guarantees: Ensuring the Highest Quality of Work is Completed

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Updated: Jan 10

It can be difficult to be sure that a company can be trusted to install heating solutions. There are a number of key indicators to look out for when you’re choosing a company which will make sure that your investment is futureproof.

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UK Energy Management has excellent quality of service, futureproof guarantees and great testimonials to put your mind at ease.

Quality of Service

At UK Energy Management, we believe in delivering the highest quality of service possible. Our experts take pride in completing work to the fullest extent and always aim to excel your standards. This is done by providing clear and tailored advice from the beginning and having an attentive after-service response for any queries you may have.

These principles are at the forefront of all of our work, regardless of the type of job being done. Whether it’s for insulation, a heater installation, or an extraction service, these factors alone act as brilliant guarantees that your work will be completed as it should be and that there won’t be any issues in the future.

Futureproof Guarantees

Equally, we understand that customers appreciate tangible guarantees so we have a number of warranties on all of our work:

2 year workmanship warranty: This protects our customers from any faulty installations or errors made by our workmen that result in damages or faults. If a problem should arise then we’ll be duty bound to return and find a resolution.

25 year insulation guarantee: Because they’re built and installed to last for generations, it’s important that our insulations have long guarantees. To accomplish this, they are insurance-backed just in case the company no longer exists in the future, so there’s no need to worry.

7 year manufacturer warranty on storage heaters: With rising heating prices, storage heaters are becoming more popular. To ensure that they’re always a cost-effective investment, we have a standard 7 year warranty on our night-to-day storage heaters.


Another form of guarantee you can rely on is our testimonials from customers who have received our top-quality services.

I am really impressed by the service provided by UK Energy Management and appreciate you fixing the heaters so quickly. The installation team has done an excellent job.

Steven James (Leicester)

Amazing company, eligibility results came the same day. Now I’m getting a free heating system and the full house insulated.


At UK Energy Management, our experts can complete a variety of work on your heating systems. Whether you need a new insulation method, storage heaters or ventilation systems, we will install them to the highest quality possible. If you have any further questions then don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 0191 466 1185 today!

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