Am I Eligible For Electric Heating Grants?

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The well-publicised cost-of-living crisis is an issue we’re all being faced with in 2022. With the price of household goods rapidly increasing, fuel and other essentials becoming unnecessarily expensive, and energy bills constantly rising, finding ways to sustain a financially flexible lifestyle can seem almost impossible. Though there are plenty of small-scale tips and tricks you can utilise to save money on a daily basis, you may have overlooked one massively beneficial scheme which is being backed by the government: ECO4 funding.

Let UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd take you through the key information on electric heating grants, funded insulation, and much more, with eligibility criteria, the different options available to you, and the important details of ECO4 all covered.

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ECO4 Funding

ECO4 funding is a government energy efficiency scheme which is active nationwide for eligible households. Introduced to tackle fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions, the rollout means that large gas and electricity suppliers are now obliged to help out households with sustainable energy efficiency measures, which include loft insulation, boiler replacements or repairs, and electric heating installation. Energy suppliers including British Gas, EDF Energy and SSE are all affiliated with the scheme, so it’s well worth your time checking if you could be approved for funding.

Heating, Insulation And More

Understandably, different properties have different energy needs, and depending on the layout of your home, certain measures may be more efficient than others. Whereas a smaller single-storey property may benefit from electric heaters and air-source heat pumps, a multi-level family household may be better suited to loft insulation, or other free heating grants, conserving household warmth for loved ones and cutting energy bills in the long-term.

Checking Eligibility

With energy suppliers now encouraged to install measures which lead to financial savings, check your eligibility before funding your own repairs or maintenance. Prominent factors which may mean that you are eligible for a grant include receipt of universal credit, carer’s allowance or child tax credit, however you may still be approved if you don’t meet any of these criteria. Simply check your eligibility here, and if approved, our engineers will be in touch to book a survey and installation date for your new household utilities.

Everyone deserves the right to have a comfortable and warm home, regardless of age or income – with flexible eligibility meaning that you could even be approved for a grant, even if you don’t immediately qualify through other means.

At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we’re committed to helping families and communities nationwide with their household energy needs. Fully equipped to manage installation projects from inception to completion, we prioritise an efficient service with a focus on customer experience. In need of loft insulation for your home in preparation for those chilly Winter months? Or perhaps you would benefit from funded electric heating? Contact us today to discuss your options.

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