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In today’s energy-conscious world, we are all thinking much more carefully about how much energy we consume; combine this with the increased pressures of the cost of living crisis, and it’s no wonder that this has become a matter of concern for many homeowners across the UK.

In recent years, to both tackle the increasing levels of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and to help the most vulnerable in our society with their energy efficiency, bills and usage, the government introduced The Energy Compliance Obligation (ECO) scheme.

Now in its fourth incarnation, the ECO scheme has had a profound impact on many households, offering a number of vital methods of improving your home’s efficiency, whilst simultaneously providing a whole host of vital benefits and discounts for those who most need it. From the Warm Home Discount to the Winter Fuel Payment, government heating grants are the lifeblood of many homeowners throughout winter, keeping their heating on when the conditions are at their most treacherous.

In this helpful guide, we provide a closer look at government heating grants, paying particularly close attention to one of the most important; Loft Insulation Grants.

Loft insulation

Government Heating Grants | What Is ECO4?

The latest incarnation of The Energy Compliance Obligation (ECO) Scheme, a government initiative designed to tackle fuel poverty and reduce our individual and collection carbon footprint, the ECO4 scheme began in April 2022 and was intended to run until 31st March 2026.

Working alongside major energy suppliers such as British Gas, Eon, OVO, EDF Energy, Scottish Power and more, the ECO4 scheme encourages these suppliers to assist in providing energy inefficient households with specific measures that can bring down energy costs, improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. Energy efficiency measures often include electric storage heaters, cavity wall insulation, solid wall insulation, boiler replacement and repair or loft insulation.

Who’s Eligible?

As the ECO scheme has developed, so too has the criteria required in order to meet the necessary eligibility. As an example, ECO3, the former incarnation of the scheme, included disability benefits, whereas this is no longer an eligible criteria for ECO4, whilst those currently in receipt of housing benefits will now benefit from the scheme. Below; we outline the current criteria requirements for the ECO4 scheme:

● Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)

● Income-related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)

● Income Support (IS)

● Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

● Working Tax Credit (WTC)

● Child Tax Credits (CTC)

● Universal Credit (UC)

● Housing Benefit* (ECO4 only)

● Pension Credit Pension Savings Credit* (ECO4 only)

In essence, the aim of the scheme is to assist low-income households or those relying heavily on benefits in reducing the current costs of their energy bills by improving the energy efficiency of their property. With support provided from energy companies and suppliers via grants, the ECO4 scheme should help bring the UK’s carbon footprint down and reduce the financial burden on those most vulnerable.

What Is The Loft Insulation Grant?

Available as part of the aforementioned ECO4 scheme, a government initiative to assist homeowners, tenants and families who may be struggling with the costs of their energy bills, the Loft Insulation Grant is an essential measure in reducing wasted energy and improving insulation and efficiency.

Loft insulation is estimated to save your properties energy bills anywhere between £120 and £280 a year, such is their energy efficiency, and this is why the UK government have ensured the loft insulation grant remains available for the foreseeable future, with the ECO4 scheme helping to tackle fuel poverty across England, Scotland and wales through vital communication and key compromise with the most influential of energy companies.

The Benefits Of Loft Installations

Available to all UK homeowners, tenants and families who are struggling to cope with their energy bills, at UK Energy Management NE Ltd, we’re proud to work in cooperation with the UK government’s legitimate ECO4 scheme to provide free loft insulation grants to those that are eligible. Loft insulation can have a lasting impact on your energy efficiency, consumption and ultimately your bills. Below, we outline some of the important benefits of installing loft insulation at home.

Heat Loss Prevention

At least a quarter of heat is lost through the roof of a home that doesn’t have the required loft insulation, which will ultimately be reflected in your energy efficiency levels, energy bills and overall comfort at home. Loft insulation will create a thermal barrier for your home, preventing heat from rising and escaping through your roofing and aiding your efficiency levels, ensuring your home is both warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Lower Energy Bills

As suggested, installing loft insulation into your current property can effectively reduce your energy bills anywhere between £120-£280 a year, which, when combined with the government grants provided under the ECO4 scheme for loft insulation, will offer a low cost solution to your energy concerns. Loft insulation, after all, has a lifespan of over 40 years, keeping costs low for the long term and ultimately paying for itself.


Loft insulation won’t just benefit you financially, it will also have a profound effect on our collective environment, helping to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide from reaching the atmosphere. this is due to the reduced energy use acquired from the insulation, ensuring your home is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly it’s estimated that the carbon dioxide savings gained from loft insulation can be between 550kg and 1030kg, depending on the size and construction of the property, which, when implemented across the UK, could have a lasting positive impact on our planet.

Noise Reduction

A significant benefit of loft insulation, particularly if you have especially noisy neighbours, is the improved levels of noise reduction. Generally speaking, home insulation provides a natural barrier between external noise pollution and what’s going on at home, but with loft insulation, this barrier is even more significant. Loft insulation will play a vital role in helping to reduce the level of outside noise from reaching the inside of your home, as well as keeping your own noise levels down to a minimum.

After all, if you’re a guitar playing enthusiast and you need a place to jam without bothering your neighbours, (not to mention your own family!), insulating your loft would be an excellent place to start.

Increase Value

Such is the financial and environmental impact of effectively insulating your ;loft and improving the energy efficiency of your home, if the time does come when you wish to sell your current property, you may find that the value has increased significantly. A property with a high Energy Performance certificate will rank very highly, and will be increasingly sought after by potential buyers looking to cut down on their energy bills. This, in turn, will make your property a commodity, ultimately increasing its market value.

UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd – Loft Insulation Across The UK

Looking for free loft insulation grants? At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we work alongside thousands of customers around the country to help deliver funded measures if they are eligible. This includes insulation, electric heaters, solar energy and much more. If you receive one or more state benefits you could be eligible for a 100% replacement or installation of heating systems and insulation through the ECO4 scheme.

If you want to find out if you’re eligible, fill out the eligibility form on our website and, if successful, we’ll come to your house to do a survey and then install your solutions. If you’d like to talk to one of our knowledgeable members of staff about our service, contact us today.

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