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An electric storage heater, sometimes referred to as a night storage heater, is a specific kind of storage heater that is known for its use of off-peak electricity, such as Economy 7, to heat your household in a more energy efficient and cost-conscious manner. Below, we take a closer look at electric storage heaters, outlining their important applications and benefits, as well as highlighting ways in which the UK government and UKEM can assist in the provision of electric storage heaters for your property.

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Electric Storage Heaters

A modern, efficient and zero-emissions solution to central heating, electric storage heaters preserve energy overnight, when energy costs are lower, to help keep your home warm throughout the winter at a manageable expense. In this helpful guide, we provide a comprehensive insight into electric storage heaters to offer helpful advice on their key applications and benefits.

How Do They Work?

Much like any other kind of electric heater, storage heaters contain a vital heating element, typically clay brick or ceramic, to heat up your household. However, the key difference lies in the timing. Using an off peak electricity tariff, such an Economy 7, the electric storage heater will heat up during the night, when electricity costs are cheaper, thereby storing energy for later at a reduced cost.

Operating overnight, or at weekends, Economy 7 tariffs are an ideal solution for family households, who would generally consume more electricity in the mornings and evenings, then they would during the night time. In conjunction with a smart metre, Economy 7 and electric storage heaters can help keep heating costs manageable.


Whilst working out a storage heater’s specific running costs would likely depend on a number of factors, such as general consumption, energy efficiency of the property and so on, the simple rule is this; energy is more expensive in the daytime, which is exactly why an electric storage heater can be particularly beneficial financially. Storing heat overnight, when the cost of electricity is cheaper, will ensure you have surplus amounts of energy stored in the daytime, particularly in the winter, when your radiators are required to work overtime! An electric storage heater in this instance would likely save on energy costs in the future. Better still; with a free electric storage heating grant, should you be eligible, will keep costs down even further.

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