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Updated: Jan 10

cavity wall insulation

When talking about insulation for your home, the main arguments are always to do with how insulation can help your property in the winter, by keeping hot air in, saving on bills and making for a comfortable home. Not as much talk ever goes into how insulation can help when the weather gets warmer, especially during the hot summer months.

It’s a common misconception that insulation only helps in the winter months, so here is an overview of how insulation works in the summertime.


In the summer, buildings heat up through external and internal gains. External gains are the result of sunlight being absorbed by the building and internal gains are from heat generated by things inside the home such as lighting, appliances or the occupants.

The key to staying cooler in the summer is by trying to minimise these gains. You can do this a number of ways, such as keeping blinds closed or reducing how many lights you have on. But the best way to reduce gains is to purge the heat out through ventilation.

Loft Insulation

Lofts are probably the area of the house that can get the hottest in the summer, as the sun shines directly onto the roof’s surface pretty much all day, absorbing the heat and making lofts commonly exceed 40 degrees. If your loft is not properly insulated, this heat accumulates in the daytime and then transfers down into rooms, making them a lot hotter.

Having adequate loft insulation can prevent this heat from transferring downwards, sending it outside instead and allowing your house to keep cooler in the summer.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Installing cavity wall insulation will help provide a thermal barrier which in the winter slows the flow of heat out of a room to keep it warm. In the summer this works in reverse, keeping the hot air from outside the home away from your house, keeping the room cool.

Insulation From UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd

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