Importance of Insulation in Great Britain’s Climate

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Insulation during the current climate disaster is fast becoming one of the easiest and most eco-friendly ways in order to maintain a certain temperature within your home. Great Britain’s climate can often be unpredictable and winters can be relentless which is why keeping your house insulated is so important in keeping your home warm yet not adding to your carbon footprint.

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Why does Great British Weather Change so Frequently?

People of Britain are often mocked for talking about the weather so much, however, when analysing the climate of Britain it becomes clear why the weather is such a common topic of conversation amongst the British people due to the changeability of the British weather compared to other countries across the world. Britain’s distinct weather is a result of its island status and geographic location between the Atlantic Ocean and a huge land mass, mainland Europe. Britain is located where five main air masses meet.

Air Masses in Great Britain

Based on where the air mass originated, they are either polar or tropical in the UK. They are also classified as maritime or continental based on whether the air has travelled over land or water. A weather front is formed when they collide. The weather is determined by the outcome of the battle between the air masses. The weather can get harsher the greater the difference in the wind’s temperament. You can learn more about the different air masses in Great Britain here!

Why Solid Wall Insulation is needed in the UK

Solid wall insulation can be beneficial in combating the fast changing weather conditions of Great Britain while keeping the idea of eco-heating in mind. At UK Energy Management we offer a variety of types of insulation to best suit your home and your income. Many lofts in the UK are not insulated and bearing in mind around 25% of your home’s heat escapes via the roof, it is essential to insulate the loft to combat this. This type of insulation is the easiest heating upgrade for your home with cost in mind.

Here at UK Energy Management, we understand the importance of keeping your home warm at a low cost and with the environment in mind. You can register your interest and apply for the ECO4 scheme via our website if you have any queries about eligibility surrounding government-funded insulation.

If you would like any advice on which type of insulation would best suit your home please contact us here.

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