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As energy bills continue to rise, improving energy efficiency for heating homes is one of the main considerations. One challenge as we approach the colder months is looking for ways to reduce draughts in a property. Depending on the house there can be a number of different causes for draughts with many issues being easily fixable. Resolving these problems can represent one of the most cost-effective approaches to improving the insulation of a property.

There is a range of issues with window frames that can lead to draughts. In some cases the hinges on UPVC windows can become damaged leading to compromised insulation. Whilst it can seem like this is a difficult issue to resolve, it is often not necessary to replace the windows. In many cases, fixing the hinges or identifying and resolving other issues with the window frame can provide a more cost-effective option. As UPVC windows last for many years, this helps save money if the issue causing draught is easily fixable such as a broken hinge.

Read more for some further information on some steps to reduce draughts in your property.

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Loft Insulation

One approach to reducing draughts and helping improve the energy efficiency of a household is installing loft insulation. For eligible households, this is one option that can be funded through an ECO4 loft insulation grant. By reducing heat loss through the roof of a property, loft insulation helps to reduce energy bills as a property will retain heat more effectively.


One of the most significant causes of draughts in a property is a poorly insulated doorway. Installing a draught excluder is one way to reduce draughts through the door of a house. If a door is not fitting properly to the frame this can also cause heat loss and draughts. Exploring options for new door insulation can be a worthwhile investment to resolve this issue if steps such as installing a draught excluder or a draft brush do not work.

Window Frames

Another common cause of draughts in a property is caused by issues with window frames. This could relate to the hinges or damage to the frame itself. For UPVC windows, it is definitely worth exploring window repair options before considering replacement as repaired UPVC windows can provide many years of high-quality insulation.

Check Eligibility For ECO4 Grants

ECO4 grants provide the option for fully funded energy-efficient home improvement insulation installations and heating upgrades. At UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd we can assist with arranging ECO4 grants for eligible households. To check your eligibility, fill out our quick and easy form today. Alternatively, call our helpful team on 0191 466 1185 to discuss eligibility.

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