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We believe that everyone should be comfortable in their home, and with faulty or broken heating systems a common issue within households, those cold evenings can really affect the family. Boiler fixes and replacement heating appliances can prove to be expensive however, and with the cost of living steadily increasing, these basic necessities are not always affordable. The ECO3 funding scheme is a government-backed incentive to provide reliable heating to low-income and qualifying households throughout The United Kingdom. Qualifying criteria to benefit from the scheme is varied, so if you’re not sure if you are eligible for help, consult UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd. We work alongside large utility companies to maximise the potential of your funding, helping to manage your journey from start to finish. By working to provide the best options of funding available, we are able to offer you a more comfortable and energy-efficient home.

Continue reading to learn more about the ECO3 Flexible Eligibility Scheme, including the history of the scheme, flexible conditions in which you may be eligible for help, as well as the other assistance that UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd provide.

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The Basics

ECO3 places legal obligations on large energy suppliers to deliver energy efficiency measures to qualifying domestic premises. The aim is for sustainable energy and heating measures to be delivered in homes throughout Great Britain, warming the homes of countless properties and remaining eco-friendly in the process. First introduced in 2013, the scheme focuses on supporting applicable groups, assisting in reducing carbon emissions, maintaining security of energy supply and reducing fuel poverty. ECO3 funding in particular will mainly focus on low-income and vulnerable households, helping to meet the fuel poverty commitments of the government. Qualifying criteria has been widened from the last grant to include a wider selection of qualifying groups, ensuring that a larger number of households can benefit from heating replacements and upgrades.

Introduction Of The Scheme

The first ECO scheme started on the 1st of January 2013 for Great Britain, taking over from the previous Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) and Community Energy Savings Programme (CESP) which both ended in 2012. Originally running alongside The Green Deal, which provided

loans for energy saving improvements, the original ECO scheme was put in place by The Coalition Government within its first Annual Energy Statement in July 2010. Maintaining a specific focus on properties and households which could not make energy savings without extra financial support, the added benefits described by the government were that this grant could save homes up to £300 off their annual energy bills while tackling the root cause of fuel poverty.

The History

As the scheme began in 2013, and is currently within the third cycle phase, over time it has been amended. The latest ECO3 policy commenced in 2018, with notable commitments including the promise to support households that have a broken heating system by allowing the equivalent of 35,000 broken systems to be replaced per year and encouraging a multiple measure approach by allowing the replacement of inefficient heating systems to be replaced if they are installed alongside insulation. Currently the ECO initiative is worth approximately £1.3 billion a year, and is funded by the big six energy suppliers. It was confirmed that around 2.2 million energy efficiency measures were installed in roughly 1.7 million properties between 2013 and January 2017, with ECO3 anticipated to serve even more households.

Solutions It Covers

There are a number of heating replacements, upgrades and insulation solutions which you can have installed under the ECO3 scheme, and by sharing your details with UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd, we can give you a comprehensive picture of what you are entitled to. Loft insulation, internal wall insulation, gas boiler replacements and central heating solutions are all covered under the ECO3 scheme, with electric storage heater upgrades and air source heat pumps also endorsed by the government scheme and available for installation by a team of experts. Sustainable heating solutions are important as we strive to be more environmentally friendly in daily life, and the ECO3 funding scheme aids the cause by offering green energy solutions for qualifying homes.


Eligibility for the scheme has widened, meaning that more households throughout Britain may be suitable for free funding. Payment thresholds were removed from the qualifying criteria for ECO3, so you will now need evidence of one of the below benefits to qualify:

● ​Armed Forces Independence Payment

● Attendance Allowance

● Carers Allowance

● Child Benefits

● Child Tax Credits

● Constant Attendance Allowance

● Disability Living Allowance

● Income-based jobseekers allowance (JSA)

● Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

● Income Support

● Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

● Pension Credit Guarantee Credit Element

● Personal Independence Payment

● Severe Disablement Allowance War Pensions mobility supplement

● Working and Child Tax Credits

Flexible Eligibility Conditions

Even if you are not able to automatically qualify for ECO3 funding through one of the many benefits listed, there are flexible conditions that can be met as we endeavour to contact your local authority. Participating Council authorities can open up the eligibility criteria of the help scheme, enabling it to help more households within the area. Low-income households with high heating costs will be able to make the most of the scheme regardless of their benefits status. Our experts can help local councils with the implementation of this scheme, helping to determine the qualifying criteria councils wish to use to allow residents access to funding. All adjacent properties will be able to receive funding towards solid wall insulation and other measures if 66% of an area’s households meet the Affordable Warmth eligibility criteria, and we can assist with your relevant queries.

Additional Services

Our expertise doesn’t simply stretch to helping you secure grants for energy-efficient household solutions. We offer a wide range of personalised solutions relevant to your situation. For more information on our additional services, see below:

Cavity Wall Insulation

We work hard to reduce the cost of energy for households nationally, with our funded insulation systems providing customers with reduced energy bills and a reduction in heat loss for a warmer and comfier home. As specialists in cavity wall insulation, you can trust us to help out. You may be eligible for fully funded cavity wall insulation, simply complete the form on our website for further information.

Cavity Wall Extraction

Cavity wall insulation may have been installed as a way of making your home warmer, but did you know that there is a risk of your insulation going damp, damaging the structural integrity of your home? Our team of experienced insulation installers will be on hand to assess the condition of your home, finding the best solution to suit your needs, free of charge.

Storage Heaters

Storage heaters vary from conventional heaters in several ways. Most notably smaller in size than their traditional counterpart, they are highly accurate and are liable to remain at a consistent and comfortable temperature. By using off-peak electricity, they also provide a low-carbon heating solution which is notably better for the environment.

UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd: Eco Government Grants And Eco Grants UK

Experienced in securing boiler grants for homeowners, UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd work with energy suppliers under the ECO3 scheme, providing gas boiler replacements for low-income and vulnerable families throughout The UK. Our belief is that household should be warm, and this is why we strive for eligible households to access the very best heating solutions free of charge. Some households may not immediately meet our criteria, and in this case we can contact your local authority, who may still be able to offer you services through flexible eligibility.

From gauging your eligibility, to organising visits from an experienced installer who can fit your ECO3 boiler replacement, our professional team can guide you through the entire application process. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, ensuring you are provided with innovative modern boilers that perform to a high standard. Contact us today to have your eligibility checked in a number of basic steps. All we need is a small amount of information and some easy details on your property for our assessment team to secure your funding.

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