Where Are The Biggest Improvements to Energy Efficiency Made?

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Updated: Jan 10

Loft insulation

With energy costs rising significantly, there are a number of areas where significant savings can be made to the energy efficiency of a house. These include loft insulation, cavity wall insulation and using a more energy-efficient electric storage heater. In minimising heat loss, loft and cavity wall insulation ensures a more cost-effective approach to heating your home. The ECO4 scheme provides grants to vulnerable households helping create more energy-efficient homes. If you are receiving government benefits then you may be eligible for this grant. By filling out our form, you can check your eligibility in just a couple of minutes.

Read more for how some information on how these changes lead to a more energy-efficient home and how to find out if you are eligible for a government grant to make these changes.

Loft Insulation

In a home without loft insulation, a significant amount of heat is lost through the roof. Installing loft insulation can reduce the heating bill by ensuring that energy loss is minimised. Loft insulation grants are available for vulnerable households through a scheme called ECO4 so if you think you might be eligible, it is worth checking the criteria.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Whilst modern houses have wall insulation installed to help retain heat, if your house was built before 1980 it may not have cavity wall insulation installed. Properly installed cavity wall insulation ensures that less energy is used to keep a house warm by providing insulation in the gap between cavity walls. There are a number of different options for the material used including mineral wool, foam or beads depending on the property.

Electric Heaters

Electric storage heaters can lead to improvements in efficiency when heating a home. By pulling and warming cooler air, electric storage heaters spread warmer air around a room. Whilst many people have concerns about the cost of running electric storage heaters, these concerns will typically relate to older and less energy-efficient heaters.

There are several benefits to an electric storage heater installed by a company such as UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd. As gas prices continue to rise, using electricity as an alternative is becoming increasingly cost-effective. These heaters draw energy during off-peak hours to store and use and by using SMART technology, these heaters can maximise savings.

Government-Backed Grants

The Energy Company Obligation Scheme requires that major energy suppliers provide funding to make vulnerable households more energy efficient. This can include funding for some of the changes outlined above which can lead to significant savings in energy costs. With rising energy costs, these savings are often substantial.

Check Eligibility

To check whether you are eligible for a government electric heating grant to make your home more energy-efficient, fill out our form which takes just a couple of minutes to complete. Alternatively, give us a call on 0191 466 1185 to talk about your eligibility with one of our team at UK Energy Management (NE) Ltd.

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