A Brighter Future: Workable Solutions to the Energy Crisis

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As a global community we are currently facing an escalating and unprecedented energy crisis. Increased consumption of fossil fuels combined with dwindling supplies has had the dual effect of causing prices to soar whilst accelerating the climate crisis, with greenhouse gas emissions at record levels.

Asking what we can do to resolve this crisis has become one of the most pressing social, economic and environmental questions of the 21st century. Solutions range from personal responsibility to huge infrastructural changes. Here’s an overview of some of the current options for improving our energy situation.

Heat pump heating


Insulation makes your home more energy efficient by trapping heat inside. This means spending less to heat your home, which is good for the environment and your wallet. Older buildings will be draughtier, often lacking in up to date insulation and double glazing. Investing in cavity or solid wall insulation will make your home warmer, where new builds often prioritise loft insulation and window glazing to ensure they are maximised for energy efficiency.

Renewable Energy

A major large scale solution to the energy crisis is investment in renewable energy sources, including tide, wind and solar. Traditional fields and countryside can be transformed into solar or wind farms, whilst subsidies for domestic solar panels can help everyone to contribute to greener energy supplies. Engineering and scientific innovations in hydropower and geothermal energy have made alternative energy more efficient and cost effective, safeguarding our future energy needs.

Nuclear Energy

A further alternative energy option is nuclear power. Nuclear is a controversial option considered by some to be too expensive, as well as hazardous due to its production of toxic waste. It is also a finite resource, relying on large amounts of water, despite producing minimal emissions and having a higher energy output than some renewable options. Research into making nuclear power cheaper and safer could make this a more palatable option for future generations.

Upgrading Infrastructure

Outdated infrastructure is one factor that is making our homes and businesses less energy efficient. Upgrading to LED bulbs or hybrid electric vehicles will help to reduce everyday energy consumption. On a bigger scale, development of smart cities and new builds will ensure eco-friendly infrastructure is in place from the ground up. A smart city uses technology and data collection to manage resources and improve energy systems across an urban area, representing the future of green living.

Sustainable Solutions from UK Energy Management

At UK Energy Management, we work to provide you with workable solutions to rising energy costs, offering advice and support to help make your home more energy efficient.

Under the government-backed ECO4 funding scheme, you could be eligible for free energy-saving home adaptations, including loft insulation improvements, heating upgrades and solar power installations. We also offer to install and advise on the most up-to-date energy solutions. These include smart energy control systems, which can monitor your heating use in every room, as well as state of the art storage heaters, which provide a low carbon heating option.

Check your eligibility now, or contact us for more information about saving on energy costs in your home.

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