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As of September 2022, you will be hard-pressed to find a news report which doesn’t at least briefly mention the impact of the ongoing nationwide energy crisis – and for good reason. With energy companies recording huge profits as our bills rise to unprecedented levels, there is cause for concern among many, from panicked homeowners to residents of rental properties.

A cap currently exists to regulate the maximum outgoing charges incurred by energy companies, however this is due to rise during several periods over the next year. Interested in learning about how heating grants could be of benefit? Read on through this mini guide.


A Modern Crisis

First coming to widespread public attention midway through 2022, the upcoming price cap changes are predominantly based on the costs suppliers face for providing energy to homes, though there are a number of other factors in play. It is asserted that a rise in global wholesale gas prices has enforced an unavoidable and drastic rise in costs, but many households face the prospect of financially crippling bills as a result.

Though the team at UK Energy Management have been committed to assisting everyday people with sustainable energy measures long before 2022, the current circumstances add a considerable layer of importance to government funding. We are committed to doing all we can to deliver savings across the nation, fully equipped to manage projects throughout The UK.

How It May Affect You

Generally, the new price caps will affect you if you’re on a default energy tariff, regardless of whether you pay by direct debit, standard credit or by metre. The price cap protects around 24 million households on default or variable rates, with a £3,549 per year average expected post-September.

Though energy companies are being encouraged to support customers in any way they can, panic is understandable as a result of this near 80% price rise compared with the prior period. The reality is that in WInter 2022, countless families throughout Britain will be forced to live in cold conditions.

Eco4 Grants Explained

Searching for ‘free heating UK’? At UK Energy Management we are a trusted national organisation, delivering funded energy efficiency measures for eligible customers nationwide. The Eco4 scheme is a government-led incentive which exists to help out everyday people in their time of need – with the potential for hundreds of pounds saved annually on heating bills.

Eligibility depends on a number of factors, so why not enquire today about Eco4 grants? We do all the hard work for you, by applying on your behalf and installing. Our employees are all certified and fully qualified to handle all of your heating and energy upgrades, including electric and gas boilers. If successful in your initial application, we’ll visit your home at a convenient time, for a free no obligation survey. Simply call us now with any queries.

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